Dewberry Muffins!

You know those dewberries Barbarella posted about a few weeks ago? Well, we picked a lot of them (and there are still more!) and thought up something to do with them. Can you guess? Well, that’s a silly question, isn’t it. I mean, what is the title of this post? Yep, that’s right! We made dewberry MUFFINS! Coconut flour dewberry muffins to be exact.

So, here is what they looked like before cooking. This was our first time cooking with coconut flour and we had to alter the recipe we had because it called for apple sauce instead of berries. The lack of apple sauce cut the amount of batter down, so with the first batch, we didn’t have enough batter to completely fill the pan.

And here is what they looked like after getting cooked!

We made three different kinds: The first batch had its berries well mixed in it and we cooked them in cups. With the second batch, we made sure not to crush the berries so they would stay whole and not turn the muffins blue-green! We also and added some vanilla to the second batch and upped the recipe so it would fill the whole pan. Some of the second batch was also cooked without the cups.

Enough about the cooking part. On to the tasting part! Since they didn’t have wheat in them (I don’t eat wheat) I got to taste them! They also didn’t have any sugar in them only honey, so later we all got to share a whole one. And even without sugar they were quite sweet.


Yep, they were SUPER Yummy! I think we should make these again next year!


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