1 Year of Blogging! (Part 2)


Summer 2015

Here is part two of 1 Year of Blogging. The first half (Part 1) is written by Jess talking about Mini’s posts. Amanda is the one talking in this post.

Happy anniversary Blog! Today it has been exactly one year since we started our blog. We started our blog to share how cute, smart and funny Mini and Barbarella are and to share how much fun they have with us on the ranch.



Here are a few of the very first posts Barbarella wrote.
  • Doggy Rain coats”. Doggy rain coats was Barbarella’s very first post. It’s a short post that introduces their first raincoats they got.
  • “New Member of the Pack”. This post features one of Penny’s pup’s, Candy. Right now, she is in Houston at minidatsun.com’s main location.
  • “New Leash”. This post is about a new leash Barbarella got. The color of the leash is raspberry sorbet and it’s 5 feet. It’s brand is Zack & Zoe.

Fall 2015


Here are my favorite posts in 2015.
  • “Garden Doggies”. In this post Barbarella discovered that she likes asparagus almost as much as kale stems. She loves kale so much that sometimes she will eat it right off the plants.
  • “The Hunt”. The holes in our fence are only big enough that the rabbits can fit through and the dogs can’t so they usually never get to catch any of the rabbits that they are chasing.
  • “Upgraded Agility Weave Poles”. Mini and Barbarella love to do agility so we made them a homemade agility course. It’s not made out of PVC like most agility courses are, instead ours is made out of wood and in this post it shows how we made our agility weave poles.
  • “New Kind of Leash and Harness”. In this post I bought Barbarella a new kind of leash and harness that she loves because the leash extends to 16 feet; she used to always pull on the leash. And the harness doesn’t choke her when she pulls.
  • “Driveway Work”. Barbarella isn’t usually off leash, but in this post she got to be off leash and got to run around with Mini while we were working.
  • “1 Year Here on The Ranch”. In this post, we celebrated Mini and Barbarella being here on the ranch for one year. That day was also the first time they got to ride on a horse with us.
  • “Crazy Dog Train Me Treats”. Barbarella loves Crazy Dog Train-Me! treats. She loves them so much we have made them her main training treat.
  • “Barbarella’s 3rd Birthday”. Barbarella loved her third birthday. She got a big cake and three of her favorite things: Crazy Dog Train-Me! treats, a pig ear and a rawhide chew.
  • “P.A.W. at Tractor Supply co. 2015”. Tractor Supply is one of our favorite pet friendly stores, so sometimes we take Mini and Barbarella there. TSC has an annual event called Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) and we love to take Mini and Barbarella to it when we can.
  • “Playing With My Squirrel Toy”. Every time we buy the dog’s new toys they are usually “dead” within a day’s time. But to prolong the life of their toys, we take the squeakers out, wrap them in layers of fabric and sew around the squeaker concealing it in the fabric; then we put them back in the toys and give them to the dogs.

Summer 2015

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