11-4-2017 4 week old Puppies

Hi everyone! I am finally getting the posts written about my puppies! So here’s my weekly picture of my puppies at 4 weeks along with some pictures of their photo shoot and a little description about what colors they all are.

A few of my puppies have names already but I’ll be showing you them in the order they were born. Up first is my solid black girl. She has a white stripe on her chest and some white in some places, but as she gets older it is disappearing.

Next is my only long haired black and tan little girl. When she was littler she has a small speck of white on her chest, but now it has disappeared and she is a solid black and tan.

Next is Koby. He is my black and tan little boy who had a little speck of white on his chest when he was littler, but as he got older, it disappeared.

Next is Sadie. She is my other solid black little girl who also had a speck of white on her chest but it has disappeared so now she is now solid black like her daddy.

And last but not least is Marley. He is my other black and tan little boy that has a white strip on his chest. He also used to have some white in other places, but those have disappeared.

And that’s all my puppies. I’m sorry I got this post up so late, I’ll get the other weekly pictures and posts up soon.

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