A dachshund and a puddle

You see, after the big hurricane there were all these puddles everywhere. I walked all though them, some with Barbarella and some by myself. I like puddles more than her :)


See how clean she looks compared to me? P.S. See me in the top left?


Then, I came to this one. This one was different. This one had something in it.

Jess wanted me to pose with the puddle so I decided I would give her some cute, goofy photos to take of me. In this puddle, there were these bubbles; I think that is what Jess called them.

Anyway, they were a bit suspicious looking so I had to check them out. I leaned over the puddle and gave them a sniff.

I couldn’t decide what they smelled like, so I thought I might taste one of them.

And after I tried “tasting” them, they disappeared! I then started pawing where they were to see if they went under the water.

I didn’t find them again so, I guess I got them!

And so, Jess got all the pictures she wanted and I saved the puddle (and everyone else) from the bubble things! So all was good once again!

True story. No bubbles were harmed (at least I don’t think) in the making of this story ;)

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