A Dewy Morning

Mornings on the ranch are so beautiful. Sometimes it will be foggy, sometimes not but either way, it is always beautiful.


A dachshund outside in dew drops

This particular morning there was no fog but there was morning dew still on the grass.

Proud miniature dachshund outside in dew drops on a early morning.

A dew drop is beautiful, many can be breathtaking. A field covered in them can look like snow. Sometimes a camera does not capture the true look as if you were there yourself, but it can allow you to see what you can not.

Morning dew drops on grass that looks like snow.

Dachshund outside in dewy grass

For instance, an eye can only see so small, but a camera can enlarge what a eye can not.

Close up of dew drops on grass.

(Click to enlarge)


A camera can bring you into a world of wonder and I hope that is what I just did.


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