About Mini

Hi, my name is Mini and welcome to my about page. My birthday is June 28th, a perfect time of the year for a birthday. I have very short legs and have two half sisters; one is Barbarella my best doggie friend and the other is Penny, I am the oldest yet the smallest. You may notice in some pictures that on my chin and around my mouth it is white, I just want to say I am not that old, I am a piebald dachshund and I got a touch of my white coloring on my chin and around my mouth.

Mini Little Dapple Do Ya


Here is what Jess (my human) has to say about me, and I agree with all of it.

Mini is a red piebald miniature dachshund. Mini is very sweet, cute, smart and always wants to be petted before the others. She didn’t get much training till age 2 ½ but was still easy to train to do anything, even not to chase chickens. Can you believe that some of her tricks she learned in 1 day! She does agility on a homemade course and she loves tracking rabbits. She listens very well (most of the time) so she is hardly ever on a leash. She also loves going for trips in the car and being with her best friend Barbarella.


You will see this picture at the top of my posts

You will see this picture at the top of my posts

Below is a List of the tricks, commands and words Jess has taught me.

Learned in 2014
Leave it – And leave it on my nose.
Lay down
Pick it up – Pick an object up. Originally I learned this as to take an object out of Jess’ hand, but in 2016 Jess really worked on it with me and now I can pick up something off the floor.
Keep it – Hold something in my mouth
Roll over
Shake – I can shake with either paw
High five
Wash your face – Wipe my face with my paw.
Come here
Come on
Get down
Aannnt – This isn’t really a word, it is more of a sound. It is used when I am about to do something I am not supposed to do. Whenever Jess makes this sound, I stop dead in my tracks.
Stop it – Stop whatever I’m doing
Time to eat
Get in the cage – Get in my crate


Go – Go forward
Go Go Go – Start to run
Go get it
Outside – When someone mentions this word, it means we are going to go outside. It’s one of our favorite words to hear.
Look – Look around
Look at me – Look at Jess
What is it? – Become alert
Here – Sniff where Jess is pointing
Find itFollow a scent


Learned in 2015
Go to the bedroom
Inside – When outside, go to the front or back door of the house
Dizzy – Pick one front paw up, lean and shake my head. This varies every time I do it.
Back up
Touch – Touch my nose to Jess’ hand
Leg weave – I can do it while Jess is standing still or while she’s walking


Learned in 2016
Tongue click – When Jess clicks her tongue, it means to come to her or to start running or get excited. I like to describe it as meaning “Happiness”
Head down – Place my head on the floor while laying down
Paws – Put only my front paws up on a box
Lick – Lick a treat instead of biting it
Are you hungry? – If I am, I will get excited when it’s said.
Get in bed
This way – When walking off leash and I start taking the wrong path, Jess says “this way” and I switch paths over to her.


Learned in 2017
Rabbits – This means to start looking around for cottontail rabbits and that we are going to be released to go find them in the woods. We LOVE going after rabbits!
Nibble – Nibble on something with my front teeth instead of tryng to chew it with my back teeth.
Jump over arms – With Jess sitting on the floor I jump over her arms when she extends them out to the sides.
Balance board – Workout on a balance board.


Learned in 2018
Pivot – Front paws up on something while my back feet pivot around it.
Around – Go out to and around an object.
Orbit – Back up in a circle around Jess’ legs.
Two Feet – Lift my back feet up in to Jess’ hand or up on an object.


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