Miniature Dachshunds: Reds, Piebalds & Solid BlackThe Minidatsun Blog was created so we could have fun and share what our miniature dachshunds do and hopefully brighten up your day if you’re feeling down or just make your great day greater.  Dachshunds can make you feel better just by looking at their cute faces, short legs and long bodies.  We let our dachshunds write posts because anything a dachshund does is either great or a disaster, and even a disaster caused by a dachshund is funny, sometimes….  They have short legs and can’t exactly navigate the keyboard with them (not to mention they also have no fingers), so we help by typing for them.

Mini, Penny and Barbarella are all Mama dogs from minidatsun.com.  With them being mama dogs, when they have a litter you will get to see cute puppy pics and hear about how they spend their life being mamas.

Just because they are mamas occasionally, doesn’t mean they can’t live a fun life. While they are not busy being mamas they live a normal doggie life.  They love when they get to go for trips in the car, they are constantly learning new tricks and words and they are also practicing agility.  They are being spoiled and having lots of fun living their lives out here in the county with us.


About The Minidatsun Blog Dachshunds

“Mini” Little Dapple Do Ya.

Read all about Mini on her own page: About Mini.

Barbarella the Beautiful

Read all about Barbarella on her own page: About Barbarella.

Zachary Nutter

Read about Zachary on his own page: About Zachary.

Soild black miniature dachshund, Zachary with lime green leash

Penny Ann

Known tricks/words/commands: Beg, speak, leave it, bang, shake, you want a treat?

Penny AnnPenny is an alert, stout and high energy miniature dachshund. She is a rescue dog which means she was placed in a home and later returned to us because the owners couldn’t keep her. Her best quality is being a mom. She is very attentive to her pups and even jumps between them if they play too rough. She is very protective of her owner and consequently barks more than everyone else. She is very loved but also considered to be a little crazy.




John Wayne the “Duke” R.I.P. 🖤

Duke1Duke was a very sweet and gentle miniature dachshund. He loved water and could frequently be found wading around in his “pool” when the weather got warm. He also loved attention and being petted.



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