Ahhh, Dry at last.

Mini:We have gotten a lot of use out of our raincoats lately, for the past few weeks we have had rain almost non stop. There were a few days when it didn’t rain, and on those days we had fun outside; like when we became Soggy Doggies.

Well, it’s finally dry with nice clear skies! Here is our forecast  for this week.


weather sun

This was our forecast for the past few weeks. The predicted weather was quite accurate.

weather rain

Now don’t get me wrong, we love getting rain because it helps the grass grow for our horses, it also gives us some time off from watering the garden.


Our winter grass all dried up.


But thanks to the rain, we have fresh grass for the summer.

But it is nice when it doesn’t rain because we get to go outside more often, and being outside more often means more time to track and chase rabbits.

Mini tracking

So glad it’s not raining anymore, now we can go for walks without it starting to rain on us. Jess is happy now that it’s not raining that I won’t be coming out of burrows all covered in wet mud and traipsing though rain puddles.


No leash for me.

My Piebald Doxie

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