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Pros and Cons to rolling in Dirty, Stinky stuff

The other day I found something that smelled funny and unknown to roll in (and it’s still unknown). I didn’t know what it was, all I remember is I was sniffing, I found something that smelled funny and…that’s the last thing I remember…just kidding! I remember what happened, I rolled in it. And these were the results in the picture below.

Rolling in stinky stuff is fun, but there are some Pros and Cons about doing it and if you keep on reading you’ll read some Pros and Cons to rolling in dirty, stinky stuff I have experienced and a couple I made up.

Pros and Cons to rolling in stinky stuff outside.

Pro: Once you roll in whatever you rolled in, you smell exactly like it and you can’t wait to find more stinky stuff and roll in it too.

Con: Before you find more stinky stuff to roll in, your human finds out you rolled in something stinky and they immediately think you need a bath and give you one.

Pro: Once you’ve already rolled in something and your human can’t give you a bath at the time, you get to search for more stinky, smelly stuff to roll in and roll in it.

Con: When your human IS able to give you a bath and finds out you’re extra dirty and stinky, your bath time is doubled.

Pros and Cons to being dirty inside the house.

Pro: You get to walk around without getting a bath.

Con: Being dirty inside the house doesn’t last very long and you can’t be in your human’s lap or go lay on the couch or lay on your human’s bed.

Pro: In that short amount of time being dirty inside, you get to roll all in YOUR bed and get it smelling just like you.

Con: Your bed gets thrown in the washer, then you get a bath.

Pros and Cons to being clean.

(this time the Cons come first)

Con: You smell all clean and not at all like what you rolled in.

Pro: You get to lay on everything in the house again.

Con: You miss smelling all stinky.

Pro: Next time you go outside all clean…you can sneak away from your human and go find that smelly stuff you rolled in and repeat!

I’m not normally a doggy to roll in sticky stuff all the time (because I like to be in Amanda’s lap and lay on her bed), but when I do find something that smells funny, I just gotta roll in it.