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I am a piebald miniature dachshund who lives in the country with lots of other animals, and am obsessed with: getting loved on, belly rubs, chasing rabbits and learning new things.

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Sisters and Sisters!

Okay, so I’m sure everyone knows that Barbarella and I are half sisters. We look alike, we do practically everything together plus, it says so on our Instagram and about pages, lol! Well, today you get to learn something about our humans, Jess and Amanda! You might have thought they were just friends that hung out a lot but they are actually sisters! This is our blog, so they don’t talk much about themselves but we thought it was about time we let everyone know!

So, did you know it all along or is this a surprise!?

Ps. To leave a comment on our blog now, you aren’t required to enter your email address anymore! So if you always wanted to say something but didn’t want to enter your email, now you can! Please fill in the name section though, so we know who you are!

Berry harvest time!

Every year, our wild dewberry bushes bloom and make a lot of yummy berries for us (mostly the humans) to eat. Some years there aren’t too many and some years there are plenty. This year, I think there are more than we have ever had!

Barbarella’s was fixing to fall off her nose when Jess snapped this pic!

Lately, around here, since there are so many, Jess and Amanda have been having them for breakfast! There are so many berries that you can easily go pick a handful every morning! We are surprised that there are still so many ripe and ripening berries since it’s already May!

Since it’s nearing the end of dewberries season (or so we thought) we went out with a couple of buckets to collect and freeze some for later in the year!

You have to be careful when picking them though because they have thorny stems and if you are constantly getting poked by them your hand will start to burn.

Another thing you have to be careful about is poison ivy. Dewberry vines and poison ivy look extremely similar. The difference is that poison ivy has a thorn-less stem/vine and a smooth, sometimes almost shiny, three clumped leaves while dewberries have a thorny stem/vine with three-five leaves.

Poison ivy is very similar to dewberry vines

(Click to enlarge)

We would advise wearing gloves when picking them. Be sure you don’t mind getting them stained though ’cause you can’t pick dewberries without getting purple/pink fingers!

Well, we had fun picking all the berries we did and there are still a bunch more out there for all the wildlife to feast on too! We now have a couple of zip-locks in the freezer stuffed full of them!

I wrote this post back in the beginning of May but to our surprise, there are still some berries out there that are ready to eat!