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I am a piebald miniature dachshund who lives in the country with lots of other animals, and am obsessed with: getting loved on, belly rubs, chasing rabbits and learning new things.

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Our First Snow!!!

Mini: “We’ve seen it freeze, we’ve seen it storm (and I mean STORM) but the one thing we haven’t seen is SNOW! Do you know how rare it is that it snows here? It hasn’t snow here in YEARS according to Jess and Amanda!”

Barbarella: “It started snowing last night, but Jess and Amanda didn’t want to take us out in the cold at night, so we woke up early hoping the snow would still be there for us to see in the morning. And it was!”

Mini: “SO who’s ready to see snow-doggy pics!?”

Dachshunds in snow with coats on.

Barbarella: “Mini, why were you blinking in that last pic? That would have been a great picture of us.”

Mini: “Hey, at least I don’t have an evil looking glint in my eyes like you did in another pic. Besides, I’m sure someone got a laugh out of it.”

Barbarella: “Point taken. I guess it is still a good pic even if you are blinking.”

Miniature Dacshshund in snow in the country.

Mini: “There, not blinking in that one!”

Barbarella: “This a good pic of you! Good job on posing for that one Mini!”

Mini: “Aww, thanks Barbarella.”

dacshshund walking in snow

Barbarella: “This is so neat!”

Mini: “Yes it is!”

Miniature dachshunds looking at snow in the country.

Mini and Barbarella: “Hello Windy.”

Windy: “Hey guys. Just wondering what y’all are doing.”

Mini and Barbarella: “We are checking out all this pretty snow.”

Close up of snow on weeds

Dachshunds walking on road with snow

Typical dachshsund head first in the snow sniffing

Mini: “Hey Barbarella, where did  you go? Are you down here?”

Barbarella: “Nope. I am over here getting full of snow!”

Dachshund with coat full of snow.

Barbarella: “I think it is about time we headed back inside.”

Mini: “Yeah, me too.”

Barbarella: “Well, come on!”

Dachshund running in snow in the country

Mini: “Alright Jess, take one last pic of me with this snow on my nose to give everyone a giggle.”

Cute dachshund with snow on nose and face