About Barbarella

Hi, welcome to my about page.  My name is Barbarella.  I’m sure that y’all want to know a little about me.  Well I’m a red piebald miniature dachshund and the youngest of my sisters (but I’m the tallest).  I was born on September 3rd and loving life here on earth.  I also have big ears that get in the way of pictures when I’m digging.


Miniature dachshund Barbarella digging

Here’s an example of my big ears getting in the way of pictures.

Here are some things that I love to do:  I love to chase rabbits.  The only thing that stops me from catching one is the fact that the rabbits CHEAT by going through the fence; that’s just not fair!  I also love to be with my human, Amanda.  I love to be with my half sister Mini. She has been my best friend ever since I came into Amanda’s life.  And last but not least, I love to dig.  Digging is very fun.  I may not have dug a hole that I can get in (yet), but I have gone in armadillo holes before (Mini accompanied me into one) and they are the prefect size for a dachshund so I got my plans for my next BIG hole :)

Here’s how Amanda describes me.Miniature dachshund Barbarella on road

Barbarella is a red piebald miniature dachshund who is playful, fun, fast and cute.  She loves to chase things like rabbits so she’s always looking for something to chase when outside.  We taught her to leave the chickens alone though.  She has gotten way better at her recall, but still doesn’t listen every time she sees a rabbit so she needs to be leashed sometimes when out for walks.  She does agility on our homemade course and is fast but not always focused.  She is a pretty, thin and agile girl.


Here are the Tricks, Words and Commands I know

Learned in 2014

Beg,    Leave it,   Lay down,   Stay,    Speak,   Bang,    Shake,   High five,   Wash your face,   Yes,   Here,   Look,   Up,   Jump,   Outside,   No,    Go get it,   Go,   What is it?,   Stop it,   Get in the cage,   Hey,   Okay,   Heeyah,   Release it,  Get down,   Dig,   Keep it,   Ring the bell.

Learned in 2015

Inside,   Spin,   Hush,   Halt,   Get in your bed,   Crawl,   Push it,   Leg weave,   Go get the toy,   Go to the bedroom.

Learned in 2016

Is it time to eat,   Jump through Amanda’s legs,   Back-up,   Turn,   Ready set go,   Down,   Touch,   Sit,   Do you want to get down?,   Stand,   Bow,   This way,   Wave,   Are you hungry?.

Learned in 2017

Rabbit,   Are you thirsty?,   Are you happy?,   Hooped arms.

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