Barbarella’s 6th Birthday

So, the day before my birthday, Amanda checked the forecast to see if we were going to be able to have my birthday in the morning like we always do. Turns out, the app said it was going to rain. And it did in the morning, then later it stopped. So, we didn’t get to have my birthday in the morning, but Amanda and Jess also noticed they didn’t have any peanut butter to make my cake with anyway! When they got some from town, they immediately went to making my cake! And they even made a couple extra for Mini and Zachary. After the cakes were done, they took them out and let’em cool so they could be iced with yogurt. Once they cooled, Amanda and Jess iced them and put a carrot candle and dried kelp on mine and a blueberry on Mini’s and put them in the freezer for a little bit to make the yogurt stay in place so it wouldn’t drip off.

By then everything was finished and we were ready for my party. Amanda checked the forecast again because it looked like it was about to break out raining. On the app, it said there was a 59% chance of rain in the next hour, but the app isn’t always right so we were unsure if it was going to rain more or not. So we went out anyway and hoped it didn’t start to rain on us.

Once everything was set up and ready, they started taking the pictures.

Then they sang happy birthday to me and said I could eat my cake! Mmmmm mmm… it was goood!

Mini loved hers too!

After we got done with our cakes, I got to open my presents! The first one I opened was a new bowl! Amanda has been wanting to get me a new bowl because the one I had, got the paw prints rubbed off. She found this one at and thought it was perfect.

My second present was a USA goody box (also from! Y’all remember the one Mini got for her birthday? Well, I got the same one because we loved all the yummy treats in it!

I pulled out two bags of treats. The first was, Wellness’ soft wellbites! And the second was, Zuke’s mini naturals!

Mini then started helping me pull out more treats, only I really wanted the Wellness treats to be opened!

Mini tried pulling out one bag of treats, but couldn’t get it because it was under the other treats. Then I went over to help her, but as I got on the box, she pulled out the True Chews premium grillers!

After that, I still wanted the Wellness treats, so Amanda helped us take out the rest of the treats.

We then had a photo shoot with all my presents. When that was over, I got to pick out the treats I wanted opened first.

I obviously chose the Wellness soft wellbites!

And then we did tricks with the yummy treats! We made a video of my entire birthday with the trick at the end for y’all to enjoy! If it doesn’t play right here, click here to view it on youtube.

I had a great day and we were so happy it didn’t start raining on us! It stayed cloudy, but every once is a while the sun would come out! Thank y’all for all the birthday wishes on Instagram!

P.S. Zachary got his cake when we got inside and he loved it! Jess and Amanda even tasted a little bit of his and they thought it was delicious!

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