Birthday Days: Puppy Pics!

Mini's Birthday 2016 Puppy pics

Mini:Today y’all get to see some un-shown photos of me from when I was younger. Jess didn’t meet me till I was about five months old and I didn’t start living with her until I was about 2 1/2, so she doesn’t have many pictures of me from when I was really little, but she does have a few from when she came to visit me when I was still a young pup. From a few days after I first saw Jess, I knew she was the human for me. I would follow her everywhere and if I couldn’t be with her, I would whine until I could (FYI whining always worked). Most people pick what puppy they want as their dog, but instead of Jess picking me, I picked her! It’s a bit complicated on why I didn’t get to live with Jess until I was 2 1/2 so I would rather not get into that. The important thing is that I am now living a very very loved and happy life with Jess and I will forever be no matter what.

The quality of the pictures aren’t very good, but at least we have them.


The reason I am still as cute as I was as a puppy, is because I still have my puppy eyes even as an adult. Well… that and my cute personality. Did you know I am deemed the cutest in the household?


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