Big News

3 Years!!

Blogging Dachshunds, Mini and BarbarellaIt seems not long ago we started this blog, and it has already been three years since our first post! For last year’s Blog-iverary, we took you on a horse ride with us but this year, we are simply going to look back on some of our post from the previous year.



So, let’s review the big things that happened last year!

  1. At the end of January, Mini saw her pups off to their new homes and Barbarella did too.
  2. On February 4th, Mini and Barbarella went to compete at Petco’s Champion at heart dog show and did great.
  3. Mini wrote a post on ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean.
  4. On March 18th, Mini got bitten by a copperhead for the first time. She was a complete cry baby about it, lol!
  5. In March, Mini and Barbarella also went to Dairy queen and did absolutely perfect and behaved wonderfully!
  6. On Easter, Mini and Barbarella made a new doggy friend when family came over and Mini was also temporally “adopted” by the little girl who loved her “squishy-ness”.
  7. On April 21st, we hit 1,000 comments! Thank you all very much again!!
  8. In the beginning of June, Zachary got his first post published about getting his Adventure Scar and went shopping for a cone to aid in his recovery.
  9. Zachary also wrote his second post about his Gotcha day in June!
  10. Mini celebrated her 6th birthday and had a wonderful time!
  11. In the beginning of July, Mini and Barbarella got their own Instagram account! Man are they spoiled! They now have both a blog and an IG account!
  12. Mini started on a raw diet back in June and wrote about what she thought about it.
  13. We won a Petco photo contest and were sent a gift card!
  14. Barbarella had a fun 5th birthday and shared how it went.
  15. After hurricane Harvey, Mini wrote about having fun with one of the puddles.
  16. Barbarella had a litter of puppies in October!
  17. For Halloween, Mini went to Petco for their annual costume contest and won first place! We all had so much fun!
  18. In December, The dogs got to experience their first snow!!
  19. Over the years, Mini and Barbarella have gotten quite good at opening presents and needed little help at Christmas last year.
  20. And on the last day of 2017, We hit 500 posts!

Piebald dachshund in the woodsWe had a great year and are glad we have our blog to let you all in on the fun! We didn’t post as often as last year but still totaled 159 post from 1 year ago to today! Miniature piebald dachshund in the woodsLast year, we totaled 209 posts and the year before that, we totaled 142.


We will be posting Cutie Mondays every week but longer written post, will most likely be less often this year. We post most every day on Instagram so be sure to check us out there while waiting! :D

We hope you guys have enjoyed this past year of posts and our pics on IG and we’ll try to dig up some even better posts for this year!

Dachshunds digging in the dirt having a lot of fun


500 Posts!!

Woohoo! We now have a whole 500 posts published on this blog! What a great way to end 2017. We thank you all for reading them and we hope you are enjoying them! I know we haven’t been very active lately and we are sorry for that, but we hope to get back on the ball and start telling our tales again like we used to.

We hope you had a wonderful year and have an even better next year! Happy New Year’s Eve!!

PS. Barbarella will finally be getting out the updates on her puppies that she missed last month. The posts will appear under this one when she publishes them, so be sure to scroll down and look for them!

Our First Snow!!!

Mini: “We’ve seen it freeze, we’ve seen it storm (and I mean STORM) but the one thing we haven’t seen is SNOW! Do you know how rare it is that it snows here? It hasn’t snow here in YEARS according to Jess and Amanda!”

Barbarella: “It started snowing last night, but Jess and Amanda didn’t want to take us out in the cold at night, so we woke up early hoping the snow would still be there for us to see in the morning. And it was!”

Mini: “SO who’s ready to see snow-doggy pics!?”

Dachshunds in snow with coats on.

Barbarella: “Mini, why were you blinking in that last pic? That would have been a great picture of us.”

Mini: “Hey, at least I don’t have an evil looking glint in my eyes like you did in another pic. Besides, I’m sure someone got a laugh out of it.”

Barbarella: “Point taken. I guess it is still a good pic even if you are blinking.”

Miniature Dacshshund in snow in the country.

Mini: “There, not blinking in that one!”

Barbarella: “This a good pic of you! Good job on posing for that one Mini!”

Mini: “Aww, thanks Barbarella.”

dacshshund walking in snow

Barbarella: “This is so neat!”

Mini: “Yes it is!”

Miniature dachshunds looking at snow in the country.

Mini and Barbarella: “Hello Windy.”

Windy: “Hey guys. Just wondering what y’all are doing.”

Mini and Barbarella: “We are checking out all this pretty snow.”

Close up of snow on weeds

Dachshunds walking on road with snow

Typical dachshsund head first in the snow sniffing

Mini: “Hey Barbarella, where did  you go? Are you down here?”

Barbarella: “Nope. I am over here getting full of snow!”

Dachshund with coat full of snow.

Barbarella: “I think it is about time we headed back inside.”

Mini: “Yeah, me too.”

Barbarella: “Well, come on!”

Dachshund running in snow in the country

Mini: “Alright Jess, take one last pic of me with this snow on my nose to give everyone a giggle.”

Cute dachshund with snow on nose and face



My Big Surprise

Hi ya everyone! I have a surprise to share with y’all today. It has something to do with the reason I haven’t been so active lately. So, the first part of the surprise happened back in September; that is when we noticed that I was pregnant! SURPRISE! And since I didn’t share my weekly “puppy belly” pictures with y’all then, here they are from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

Miniature dachshund, Barbarella, pregnant from 6 to 8 weeks

At 8 weeks and 4 days, I had my puppies! That would make it on October 7th (which is funny because I had my last litter December 7th of last year). These pictures were taken 4 days after they were born.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

And since it has been over three weeks since I had my puppies, here are the weekly pictures of them. Here they are when they turned 1 week old on the 14th. They grew a lot since the pictures above were taken (which was just 3 days after).

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies at 1 week old

And here they are at 2 weeks on the 21st.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 2 weeks old

And here they are now at 3 weeks.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 3 weeks old

So that’s my big surprise. I will continue to post weekly picture updates with cute pictures included, so tune in sometime Saturday next week for our 4th week litter photo! :)

Dachshunds of Instagram!

Hey everyone! Barbarella and I now have an Instagram account! We are still new to it and haven’t figured everything out yet, but go ahead and stop by. Click our photo below to visit our Instagram page!