Big News

My Big Surprise

Hi ya everyone! I have a surprise to share with y’all today. It has something to do with the reason I haven’t been so active lately. So, the first part of the surprise happened back in September; that is when we noticed that I was pregnant! SURPRISE! And since I didn’t share my weekly “puppy belly” pictures with y’all then, here they are from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

Miniature dachshund, Barbarella, pregnant from 6 to 8 weeks

At 8 weeks and 4 days, I had my puppies! That would make it on October 7th (which is funny because I had my last litter December 7th of last year). These pictures were taken 4 days after they were born.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

And since it has been over three weeks since I had my puppies, here are the weekly pictures of them. Here they are when they turned 1 week old on the 14th. They grew a lot since the pictures above were taken (which was just 3 days after).

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies at 1 week old

And here they are at 2 weeks on the 21st.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 2 weeks old

And here they are now at 3 weeks.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 3 weeks old

So that’s my big surprise. I will continue to post weekly picture updates with cute pictures included, so tune in sometime Saturday next week for our 4th week litter photo! :)

Dachshunds of Instagram!

Hey everyone! Barbarella and I now have an Instagram account! We are still new to it and haven’t figured everything out yet, but go ahead and stop by. Click our photo below to visit our Instagram page!


Getting Close

My birthday is just a week and a day away! Jess is working on a birthday present for me and it sure looks pretty. She says it is going to be some kind of mat for me to do some training with. I’m not sure what she has in mind, but I like it so far!

PS. Tomorrow, we are going to change our blog header for summer. It might not look so great on a phone, but if you are on a laptop or something with a wide screen, you will be able to see it correctly.


As of Wordless Wednesday, we have reached 1,002 comments! We just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone for leaving all your kind (and sometimes funny) comments on our blog! We really enjoy them and when you comment, you let us know someone is actually reading our blog. We read every single one we get no matter how old the post is that you commented on and we try to reply to as many as we can :) It may only take us a few minutes or up to a couple days to reply to your comment, so make sure to check back when you leave one! it’s definitely been more fun around here with y’all!

Thank you everyone!


Champion at Heart Dog Show at Petco!

We are going! Have y’all heard about the dog show Petco is holding? On February 4th at Petco, the Champion at Heart Dog Show begins. It’s no fancy show or anything, just something fun for dog owner and their dogs to go to.

So here’s the specs:

It runs from 2-3 pm on February 4th.

According to our local Petco, you have to present your rabies vaccination certificate from the vet.

The three challenges are to:

Trot around the area with your dog.

Demonstrate obedience commands “sit,” “stay” & “come”.

And show off your best trick!

For more information visit:

It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. We don’t have too much practice preforming our tricks out in public and just prefer to sniff around instead of listening to Jess and Amanda when we are. So, until “show day” arrives, we are going to be doing lots of training. Jess has it planned that tomorrow I am going to go practice preforming around the big dogs (lab mixes) at our neighbors. I don’t like big dogs and I will need to practice doing what Jess says around them just in case there are any at the show. We will also be practicing preforming with distractions at home like: loud noises, kids running around etc. That’s a lot of training we are going to have to fit into just two days. Barbarella and I are going to be the two partaking in the show and with some luck, we just might win!

To Jess and Amanda, we are already winners even if we don’t win.

Wish us luck!

Will any of y’all be going to your local Petco for the Champion at Heart Dog Show?