Barbarella’s 6th Birthday

So, the day before my birthday, Amanda checked the forecast to see if we were going to be able to have my birthday in the morning like we always do. Turns out, the app said it was going to rain. And it did in the morning, then later it stopped. So, we didn’t get to have my birthday in the morning, but Amanda and Jess also noticed they didn’t have any peanut butter to make my cake with anyway! When they got some from town, they immediately went to making my cake! And they even made a couple extra for Mini and Zachary. After the cakes were done, they took them out and let’em cool so they could be iced with yogurt. Once they cooled, Amanda and Jess iced them and put a carrot candle and dried kelp on mine and a blueberry on Mini’s and put them in the freezer for a little bit to make the yogurt stay in place so it wouldn’t drip off.

By then everything was finished and we were ready for my party. Amanda checked the forecast again because it looked like it was about to break out raining. On the app, it said there was a 59% chance of rain in the next hour, but the app isn’t always right so we were unsure if it was going to rain more or not. So we went out anyway and hoped it didn’t start to rain on us.

Once everything was set up and ready, they started taking the pictures.

Then they sang happy birthday to me and said I could eat my cake! Mmmmm mmm… it was goood!

Mini loved hers too!

After we got done with our cakes, I got to open my presents! The first one I opened was a new bowl! Amanda has been wanting to get me a new bowl because the one I had, got the paw prints rubbed off. She found this one at and thought it was perfect.

My second present was a USA goody box (also from! Y’all remember the one Mini got for her birthday? Well, I got the same one because we loved all the yummy treats in it!

I pulled out two bags of treats. The first was, Wellness’ soft wellbites! And the second was, Zuke’s mini naturals!

Mini then started helping me pull out more treats, only I really wanted the Wellness treats to be opened!

Mini tried pulling out one bag of treats, but couldn’t get it because it was under the other treats. Then I went over to help her, but as I got on the box, she pulled out the True Chews premium grillers!

After that, I still wanted the Wellness treats, so Amanda helped us take out the rest of the treats.

We then had a photo shoot with all my presents. When that was over, I got to pick out the treats I wanted opened first.

I obviously chose the Wellness soft wellbites!

And then we did tricks with the yummy treats! We made a video of my entire birthday with the trick at the end for y’all to enjoy! If it doesn’t play right here, click here to view it on youtube.

I had a great day and we were so happy it didn’t start raining on us! It stayed cloudy, but every once is a while the sun would come out! Thank y’all for all the birthday wishes on Instagram!

P.S. Zachary got his cake when we got inside and he loved it! Jess and Amanda even tasted a little bit of his and they thought it was delicious!

Mini’s 7th Birthday

So here is my birthday from the moment I woke up…… The first thing I did was stay in bed for a little bit while  Jess was getting my cake ready and after that, I went out to potty. Once Barbarella and I were done, we came back inside to get my cake, ice cream, presents and the camera! Jess got the camera and presents and Amanda carried the cake and ice cream outside to set up for my party! Everything got set up and we took pictures and Jess and Amanda sang Happy Birthday to me! I kept wanting to nibble on the cake and lap up the ice cream while they were taking the pictures, so in the recording we took, I had some ice cream on my chin, lol!

I couldn’t wait till the song was over and decided to start on the cake right before the end of it! My cake was so good that I didn’t want to share it with Barbarella so I ate the whole thing myself :D

I did share the ice cream with her though! It was yummy too!

This year, Jess hand stamped me a leather collar and ordered a Goody Box from for me!

You wouldn’t believe how many treats were in my Goody Box! There where five, yes, FIVE, bags of treats in the box and a chew toy! I had so much fun opening it and eating the treats! I even snuck one of the treat bags out of the box after they were being put back up, ripped it open and got a piece of jerky out of it! It was yummy ;)

After I was all filled up with cake and treats, we headed back inside where I took a nice long nap! Once I was all rested up, we all went back outside and Jess and Amanda decided to give one of the horses a bath. While they were doing that, Barbarella and I were walking around sniffing for mice and stuff. We ran around some and waited for Jess and Amanda to get done with the horses and then it was time to head back inside to take another nap!

After that nap was finished, we did a few things and then headed outside again for an evening walk! We saw a few rabbits, visited the horses and gave them a cookie, found some grape vines filled with grapes and then came back inside for another nap! The last thing I did on my birthday, was watch Jess eat supper and “train” her with my puppy eyes to send some morsels my way ;)

My Birthday has been pretty great and I think it’s safe to say I am going to have plenty of treats for quite some time now!

Jess also put together a video of the things I did through out my birthday week that you can watch below! Or, click here to view it on YouTube!

Recap of Barbarella’s 5th Birthday

As all our parties start out, we all walk outside early in the morning (it’s really pretty and just seems special), go to where the party is gonna be and they put the cake and the present down and that’s when I had to do “leave it” so Amanda and Jess could take some pictures.

But the cake looked and smelled so good…And it was sitting right in front of me…And the present had these thingies hanging out of the bag that looked fun to play with. But, I had to leave both of them until I heard the “okay” word. Mini was there too and she also had to do “leave it”. Behind the scenes though, we each got a little piece of my cake that was taken off the back. Yum yum!

Then, we had to wait for them to finish singing the happy birthday song, before we got to eat my cake. But, it was over shortly and then Mini and I got to enjoy eating my cake of delicious-ness.

It was a yummy cake made with a can of 4health chicken and rice formula, topped with coconut oil and kelp, and my name and the decorations were the treats I got in my petco treat bag. It all tasted delicious! :9

After it was gobbled up by me and Mini (mostly me), it was time for my presents!

First thing I pulled out was an octopus toy. That explains those thingies hanging out of the bag, they were his tentacles. He is my new favorite toy and Mini has taken a huge liking to him too.

Next thing I pulled out was an alligator dental chew.

Amanda said I had another gift in the bag but some how I missed it! I was a little more interested in wanting more cake.

Altogether I got:

  • 1lb of free treats from petco as a birthday treat from them.
  • An octopus toy.
  • A dental alligator.
  • A bag of Train Me treats in salmon flavor.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be running low on treats anytime soon. ;)

I had an awesome party and thank y’all for all your birthday wishes on Instagram and here! :)❤️

Barbarella’s 5th Birthday

It’s my birthday! Yay! Today I turn 5 years old! My birthday party was awesome. I especially loved the cake, and my new toy (which Mini loves too)! Later this week I’ll share more about my birthday so stay tuned!

Dachshund, Mini’s 6th Birthday Party

Jess woke me up early so we could get my party started, but I wanted to get a bit more sleep. So, while Jess got everything ready, I was lying in bed all nice and comfy. That is, until she pulled out my cake! Once I saw my cake (and smelled how yummy it was) I was ready to get the party started! I started getting excited and jumping around and finally we got to the birthday spot outside! This year we used location #6 (we mowed so it looked better this year) and Beauty was in the corral, so she got to watch my party.

As I said, I was all excited and Jess was happy that I was, but I had to calm down for just a little while for pictures and to be sang Happy Birthday to. Unlike my past birthday parties with yummy cakes, this time I DIDN’T try to “nibble” on the cake while I was being sung to. Jess expected me to start “nibbling”, but I surprised her and didn’t! That is, till the song was over and “okay” was said. Then, it was chow time!

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Didn’t that cake look delicious? Sorry, but I didn’t save any. #SorryNotSorry ;) I did offer Barbarella some of the peas, but she didn’t want them, so I finished them up once I was done with the cake.

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

After I was all done with my YUMMY cake (and peas), it was time for the presents!

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

My presents were:

  1. A blue training mat for me to learn the command “place” with – Jess made this for me herself.
  2. PureBites Freeze-dried lamb liver – I love lamb!
  3. PureBites Freeze-dried chicken breast – we got the cat version of these because they are more bite-sized for a dog my size. Hey, that even rhymed!

PureBites lamb liver dog treats and PureBites chicken breast cat treats

And after I was done opening my exciting presents, I posed with them. I made sure they were just right and adjusted them myself. Jess had the treat bags standing up nice and straight, but I thought they would look better another way. And everyone agreed with me.

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Alright, red bag, you lay down right there and I will put my paw on you. And, blue bag, you lean over just a bit. Perfect.


Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Uhh.. I think you need to bring the camera down a little, Jess.


Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Ahh, yes. PERFECT!

You can probably guess what comes next after posing with bags of treats…. tasting them!

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Oh, yes… sooo yummy! I let Barbarella taste one and then had a few more.

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun Dachshund, Miniature, Dog, Birthday, Party, Cake, Treats, Presents, Fun

After the party was over outside, everyone went inside and had some vanilla pudding that Jess and Amanda made. I got to taste it too, and it was pretty good. I preferred my yummy treats and cake over it though.

I can certainly say I had a wonderful, weinerful (see what I did there) birthday! And throughout the rest of the day, my tail randomly wagged because I was so happy. I snoozed a lot of the day away but then later had a little more fun chasing a rabbit or two.