Country Life

A Dewy Morning

Mornings on the ranch are so beautiful. Sometimes it will be foggy, sometimes not but either way, it is always beautiful.


A dachshund outside in dew drops

This particular morning there was no fog but there was morning dew still on the grass.

Proud miniature dachshund outside in dew drops on a early morning.

A dew drop is beautiful, many can be breathtaking. A field covered in them can look like snow. Sometimes a camera does not capture the true look as if you were there yourself, but it can allow you to see what you can not.

Morning dew drops on grass that looks like snow.

Dachshund outside in dewy grass

For instance, an eye can only see so small, but a camera can enlarge what a eye can not.

Close up of dew drops on grass.

(Click to enlarge)


A camera can bring you into a world of wonder and I hope that is what I just did.


A dachshund and a puddle

You see, after the big hurricane there were all these puddles everywhere. I walked all though them, some with Barbarella and some by myself. I like puddles more than her :)


See how clean she looks compared to me? P.S. See me in the top left?


Then, I came to this one. This one was different. This one had something in it.

Jess wanted me to pose with the puddle so I decided I would give her some cute, goofy photos to take of me. In this puddle, there were these bubbles; I think that is what Jess called them.

Anyway, they were a bit suspicious looking so I had to check them out. I leaned over the puddle and gave them a sniff.

I couldn’t decide what they smelled like, so I thought I might taste one of them.

And after I tried “tasting” them, they disappeared! I then started pawing where they were to see if they went under the water.

I didn’t find them again so, I guess I got them!

And so, Jess got all the pictures she wanted and I saved the puddle (and everyone else) from the bubble things! So all was good once again!

True story. No bubbles were harmed (at least I don’t think) in the making of this story ;)

Pros and Cons to rolling in Dirty, Stinky stuff

The other day I found something that smelled funny and unknown to roll in (and it’s still unknown). I didn’t know what it was, all I remember is I was sniffing, I found something that smelled funny and…that’s the last thing I remember…just kidding! I remember what happened, I rolled in it. And these were the results in the picture below.

Rolling in stinky stuff is fun, but there are some Pros and Cons about doing it and if you keep on reading you’ll read some Pros and Cons to rolling in dirty, stinky stuff I have experienced and a couple I made up.

Pros and Cons to rolling in stinky stuff outside.

Pro: Once you roll in whatever you rolled in, you smell exactly like it and you can’t wait to find more stinky stuff and roll in it too.

Con: Before you find more stinky stuff to roll in, your human finds out you rolled in something stinky and they immediately think you need a bath and give you one.

Pro: Once you’ve already rolled in something and your human can’t give you a bath at the time, you get to search for more stinky, smelly stuff to roll in and roll in it.

Con: When your human IS able to give you a bath and finds out you’re extra dirty and stinky, your bath time is doubled.

Pros and Cons to being dirty inside the house.

Pro: You get to walk around without getting a bath.

Con: Being dirty inside the house doesn’t last very long and you can’t be in your human’s lap or go lay on the couch or lay on your human’s bed.

Pro: In that short amount of time being dirty inside, you get to roll all in YOUR bed and get it smelling just like you.

Con: Your bed gets thrown in the washer, then you get a bath.

Pros and Cons to being clean.

(this time the Cons come first)

Con: You smell all clean and not at all like what you rolled in.

Pro: You get to lay on everything in the house again.

Con: You miss smelling all stinky.

Pro: Next time you go outside all clean…you can sneak away from your human and go find that smelly stuff you rolled in and repeat!

I’m not normally a doggy to roll in sticky stuff all the time (because I like to be in Amanda’s lap and lay on her bed), but when I do find something that smells funny, I just gotta roll in it.

This year’s Cucumbers

You know how last year we had big beautiful cucumbers from our garden? Well, this year they aren’t doing so hot. It’s plenty hot outside, but that’s not what I mean. Instead of being big and long, this year they are small and round. Now, they aren’t supposed to be like that and we think a deficiency in the soil is what is causing it. That’s okay though, because Jess says they are about the size of a Roma tomato and make the perfect “bite-sized” cucumbers!

They taste just as good as the normal sized ones, so I am not complaining :) We put some fertilizer on them to see if it will help the next ones grow properly. Hopefully when the next batch grows, we will have some nice big ones!

Ignore my “wetness” I just got in from “helping” water the garden.


PS. As I was typing this post, I noticed it has been almost exactly a year since we posted about the cucumbers in our garden last year!

My Adventure Scar

Hey, it’s me, Zachary!  It only took me about a year but I have finally gotten my first post written! I am using Mini’s profile right now because we are having some difficulty trying to get my name to show up as the author. So, for my first post, I am going to tell you about my “Adventure Scar”.

Miniature black Dachshund, Zachary

Fixing to be released after rabbits.

Since I don’t want to eat chickens anymore, I am allowed to chase rabbits in the woods with Mini and Barbarella! On my latest rabbit chase something happened… I got my first Adventure Scar!  While the humans would have preferred that I didn’t get it, I think it’s rather cool. Well, the idea of having it is cool, not so much the healing process of it. Technically, it’s not my first scar because I have one on my right eye rim that I presumably got from a cat before I came here. I’m not telling though ;)

You see, I was off in the woods chasing a rabbit with Mini and Barbarella. It was time to go in so we all got called back. Mini and Barbarella came but when I came, I came dripping blood! Sounds gross doesn’t it? Luckily Jess and Amanda aren’t easily grossed out because they had to help me.  Anyway, back to the story. My ear was what had blood on it.  Barbarella gets minor cuts on her ears all the time when out chasing rabbits so it was nothing to panic about. Only, I had cut my ear clean through the skin when everyone else just scrapes theirs. So I had to have a trip to the VET! If you don’t faint at the sight of blood (it’s not really that gory), you can click here to see where I tore it. The vet folded my ear back and wrapped it up in some gauze so it could heal.  He said we could take it off in two or three days, so I went back home with my ear/head wrapped up looking like I had brain surgery (which I didn’t).

Dachshund with bandage on head/neck

Dachshund with bandage on head/neck

In three days, Amanda took off the bandage. I was so relived to have it off that I started scratching my head and I accidentally scratched the scab off of  my ear. I then went outside to potty and when I shook off, my ear started to bleed again! Our ears bleed a lot when something happens to them, so we had to stop the bleeding and then keep my ear from flapping when I would shake my head. It got wrapped back up at home (not so dramatic looking this time) which kept it from flapping, but I still had to be kept from scratching it. You know those cones that are put around dogs’ necks when they have an injury? Well, we thought that would be perfect for my case only, we didn’t have one. So we all loaded up into the van and headed to Petco!

Dachshunds in Petco store

Normally, I don’t go into stores because I like to pee on things and bark at other doggies, but this time I had to go so I could get my cone fitted. After the cone fitting, we just hung around in the store practicing tricks and behaving. Mini and Barbarella even got to greet a Chihuahua on his first time in Petco! We also went to see the rats and mice; they are always fun to watch.

Dachshunds in Petco store

Mini was most interested in the mice.

Dachshunds in Petco store

Most of them were resting in their little houses.

Dachshunds in Petco store

For some reason, Mini also found the ferret supplies interesting.

Since we all did so well in the store, Jess didn’t let us leave without some treats. I loved these treats by the way.

PureBites duck cat treats

I didn’t get one of those plastic cones that are more common, I got a special one that is a little more comfortable. I’d still prefer not having to wear it though. :(

Dachshund with ZenPet ZenCone on. Size small.

Jess says I look like a flashlight head with it on. LOL

So, that’s the story of my adventure scar. Once my ear is completely healed, I will see if I can post some pictures of it.

Dachshund with ZenPet ZenCone on. Size small.


I think we fixed the problem with my name showing as the post author! Now it should say Zachary at the top!