Fun Times


It’s finally Fall! We love fall! The air is cooling down, leaves are starting to cover the ground and halloween is also coming up! We are looking forward to going to Petco’s halloween costume contest this weekend!

Jess and Amanda are hurrying to finish our costumes and trying to come up with something for them as well! Ours are almost done but they still need to work on a few more things! Jess and Amanda are also trying to teach us not to paw at our costumes on our heads because they need to stay on! I’m getting better but still need more practice! The people at Petco are going to love the costumes Jess and Amanda are making for us and we hope to cause lots of “awws”, lol!

I was a very good girl at last year’s contest and didn’t mind the other dogs at all! If you know me, you know that I don’t always like big strange dogs and sometimes feel uncomfortable around them. Jess likes doing tricks with me in the stores to help loosen me up and not be so wary of people and dogs that are near. It really helps me to focus on having fun and not worrying about them as much! I love going places and I love doing tricks, so we can’t wait to go! Last year, Barbarella didn’t get to come but this year she does!

The Digging

Off we went out to our pasture a couple weeks ago, to go on a much needed walk. It had been cold, but from a couple days before, it got warm enough to go for walks, off leash walks I might add.


The first day.

Happy doggies!

Can you spot me?

The second day.

Off leash is awesome!

The Digging day.

We came across some gopher mounds that smelled pretty interesting. So we invited ourselves into them.

Oh, yes I hit the jackpot of smells! Mine was even better than the one Mini was busting into. But, yep, soon Mini was trying to take over my hole. I did my best to not let her, but somehow she wiggled herself underneath me and took over!

Now, I don’t like it when she takes over MY holes so I will try to get it back by digging on her. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It didn’t work at first so I tried wiggling myself under her to get back to all the smells.

And it worked!

Hahahahah, Mini! It’s mine!

After that, we kept taking turns digging on top and in the hole.

Now, something Amanda is always wanting to do when there is a digging session going on is, get some funny pictures of us with dirt all over our faces. So, she told us to leave the hole and to look at her. Mini left the hole alone, but something else caught her eye. I on the other hand stopped messing with the hole and looked at her. And as she said, “Ready, set” I threw in a slight head tilt right before she said, “Okay”. She said I nailed it with the funny picture.

We got to dig some more, then Amanda said we needed to stop and go inside, but we didn’t want to stop digging so we gave her the “puppy dog eyes” (if you want to see the faces we gave her, check out Cutie Monday #146.). The “puppy dog eyes” were a success and we got to dig for a little bit longer!

After the extra time digging, we were on our way back up to the house. Then, through the weeds, we saw something moving. We went after it and started shouting “armadillo!!!”. We were chasing it, the humans were yelling “leave it”, and it ran around and then it turned back around and went into its hole! That was fun, but then we had to be leashed because the humans didn’t want us going down after it.

That’s it’s hole it went into.

Here’s a picture of its back end in its hole.

After that, we finally went inside.

Petco Fun! – My First Costume Contest!

Over the weekend, I went to Petco for their annual Halloween Costume Contest! Jess tries to get me out as much as she can and this was a perfect opportunity. Our Petco isn’t in a big city like most so we usually don’t have a big turnout for events like this. Fortunately, a couple other doggies showed up for the event and there were enough of us to place 1st, 2nd & 3rd!

Now, on to the costumes, if you follow us on Instagram you can probably guess what mine was. I went dressed as an Old Western Sheriff! I had Jess as my Deputy and Amanda as my PRISONER!

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

Can you guess what happened when the first person saw me? They thought I was adorable and loved my outfit! There were the typical “awws” and “too cute” expressions. This is before I even got in the store! And of course, it continued once I was in the store.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

My deputy, prisoner and I, hung around while we waited for the other doggies to show up for the contest and once they did, we all got acquainted while the judges got ready. The doggies names were Buttercup and Wendy. Buttercup and her human were both dressed as Angels and Wendy had a last minute costume as a character from the movie Frozen.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

We then paraded through the store in our costumes for all the customers to see. When we got back over to the area from were we began, it was time for the judging to begin!

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.


We thought Buttercup and her human had a great costume and we weren’t sure who was going to win! *Drum roll* In third place we have… Wendy! *Applause*  And, our second place winner is………Buttercup!! *Applause* Alright, and our grand prize winner is Mini!! *Applause*

Dogs at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

After the awards were handed out, I practice my tricks and while I did, there were people stopping and saying how cute I was. There were so many things to sniff and listen to, I didn’t do my tricks too well, everyone still loved them though! I think their favorites were “bang” (which I only did part way ;) ) and “Beg”.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Doing tricks -Down.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Doing tricks - Beg.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

Exploring while the humans talked.

After it was all over, I think the best part was making all the people laugh and smile.

Dachshund dog at Petco's annual Halloween Costume Contest. Cowboy western sheriff costume.

I am also enjoying the prizes I won :D I got a handkerchief, a small bag of moist treats, a small bag of dry treats and a gift card! And with the gift card, I got a new glass bowl for me! I also love the 1st place ribbon that I get to add to my collection!

Dachshund won 1st place ribbon from Petco's Halloween Costume Contest!

We had an absolute blast!

Spring and Dairy Queen!

We had a great first day of spring. Dairy Queen was having a special free ice cream cone day to celebrate the first day of spring. Now, just who would pass up free ice cream! Not us! I am always looking for a chance to go for a ride somewhere and Dairy Queen was no exception. Now, we could have gotten the free ice cream first, but we decided to get some “real” food to eat before the ice cream. Dairy Queen has a pet friendly patio so Barbarella and I got to wait under the table while everyone ate.

Chili Cheese fries and steak finger baskets from Dairy Queen.

Mmm… Chili cheese fries and a steak finger basket.


Dachshunds at dairy queen on dog friendly patio.

Our view of the place. It was a really nice wood patio.

Dachshund dogs at Dairy Queen in Texas. Dog friendly patio.

Every now and then, we got a YUMMY SUPER DELIC… ahem, a snack or two passed to us under the table :P

Dachshund, Mini and dairy queen steak finger. Dog friendly patio.

No, I didn’t get to eat the whole thing. Too bad though ;(


It’s always a good idea to be extra cute when food is around.

Dachshund, Mini wanting some diary queen food.

And then, a chili cheese fry went overboard! And, anything that goes overboard is instantly ours!

It was so so good!!

Dachshunds eating dairy queen chili cheese fry on dog friendly patio.

Up for some pets.

And now it was on to the ice cream!

It’s not good for us to have too much ice cream, so we got to lick the last bit out of  the bottom of the cone.

Dachshunds eating Dairy Queen ice cream cone on dog friendly patio.


We were very, very well behaved and deserved every treat we got that day. We stayed under the table totally relaxed while everyone ate and when Jess or Amanda needed to walk somewhere, we heeled very nicely even with other people walking by. And we stayed nice and quiet so not to disturb the other people there.

Now, on to the part where I tell about how we were complimented on how well behaved and how cute we were. Yep, we can’t go hardly anywhere without being adored. Jess and Amanda said this was our best time yet going somewhere on the account of how well behaved and relaxed we were. Of course, I’ve learned that the better you behave around food the more food you get.

Champion at Heart Dog show & Dachshunds

Mini: So, on February 4th we headed to Petco for the show. We left early so we would have time to practice before the show. On the way there we stopped at a local restaurant to practice on their outdoor stage. After about 15 minutes, we continued on our way to Petco.

Barbarella: We got to our Petco early and it’s a good thing we did because we found out that they had cancelled the show there! They were very nice and apologetic so all was okay. The best part was that we got to meet Misty! Misty was a beagle, and a very nice one I might add. We showed each other some of our tricks and had a bit of fun.

Mini: Jess and I even got to demonstrate to Misty’s owner how to teach “shake”! Misty and her owner were there for the show too but since it was cancelled, Misty and our humans talked some while everything was sorted out. While all the boring talk was going on I attracted some attention. A girl walked in the store and immediately awwed over me and asked if she could pet me. Jess picked me up so the girl could pet me and gave her a treat to give me and it was yummy, only I can’t understand why Jess didn’t just give me the treat herself. She said something about getting to like strangers better or something like that. 

Barbarella: We still had some time left before the show was over so we headed to a different Petco to see if we could perform there. We got there around ten minutes before the event was going to be over. We went inside and talked to some people about the event and it turns out this Petco only had one other dog show up. Nobody else showed up at the time the other dog was performing so that dog won first place.

Mini: Barbarella and I were the second and third dogs to show up for the event so we talked to the people and they decided that Barbarella and I should have a trick-off! Barbarella and I know a lot of tricks, so we took turns showing them to everyone.

Barbarella: We had to perform in the front of the store, near the adoption dogs who were barking at us and other things. Amanda and Jess said we did perfect considering there were a bunch of strange dogs near us making noise and being in a Petco we had never been in before with a lot of strangers watching us.

Mini: We showed off most of our tricks and as we were doing them, the people laughed and awwed.

Barbarella: At the end of the trick-off, the lady with the ribbons had a tough time deciding who should get what place because we both did so well. Then, she came to a decision… I got second place and Mini got third place! She said we made all of them happy and thanked us for showing up and we thanked them for letting us perform.

Some pics inside the store. They were cut out of a video so they are low quality.

Mini: She even said we might have gotten first place if we had been there when the other dog was! We are perfectly happy with 2nd and 3rd place though. They said the other dog was a rescue and had only been in training for about 2 1/2 weeks, so I think she deserved to get 1st place anyway.

Barbarella: We had a lot of fun and hope they have the event next year. And hopefully, more dogs will show up!

Mini: We were on our best behavior that day and didn’t bark at anyone. Well, I didn’t bark at anyone in the Petco stores but when we were at TSC picking up some horsy treats, I did bark some. But hey, Jess was so distracted on picking horse treats that I had to let her know that someone was standing over there. We ended up talking to the lady, who adored me ;)

Mini & Barbarella: And here are the spoils of victory!

Prizes from Petco's Champion at Heart Dog Show.