Fun Times

Champion at Heart Dog show & Dachshunds

Mini: So, on February 4th we headed to Petco for the show. We left early so we would have time to practice before the show. On the way there we stopped at a local restaurant to practice on their outdoor stage. After about 15 minutes, we continued on our way to Petco.

Barbarella: We got to our Petco early and it’s a good thing we did because we found out that they had cancelled the show there! They were very nice and apologetic so all was okay. The best part was that we got to meet Misty! Misty was a beagle, and a very nice one I might add. We showed each other some of our tricks and had a bit of fun.

Mini: Jess and I even got to demonstrate to Misty’s owner how to teach “shake”! Misty and her owner were there for the show too but since it was cancelled, Misty and our humans talked some while everything was sorted out. While all the boring talk was going on I attracted some attention. A girl walked in the store and immediately awwed over me and asked if she could pet me. Jess picked me up so the girl could pet me and gave her a treat to give me and it was yummy, only I can’t understand why Jess didn’t just give me the treat herself. She said something about getting to like strangers better or something like that. 

Barbarella: We still had some time left before the show was over so we headed to a different Petco to see if we could perform there. We got there around ten minutes before the event was going to be over. We went inside and talked to some people about the event and it turns out this Petco only had one other dog show up. Nobody else showed up at the time the other dog was performing so that dog won first place.

Mini: Barbarella and I were the second and third dogs to show up for the event so we talked to the people and they decided that Barbarella and I should have a trick-off! Barbarella and I know a lot of tricks, so we took turns showing them to everyone.

Barbarella: We had to perform in the front of the store, near the adoption dogs who were barking at us and other things. Amanda and Jess said we did perfect considering there were a bunch of strange dogs near us making noise and being in a Petco we had never been in before with a lot of strangers watching us.

Mini: We showed off most of our tricks and as we were doing them, the people laughed and awwed.

Barbarella: At the end of the trick-off, the lady with the ribbons had a tough time deciding who should get what place because we both did so well. Then, she came to a decision… I got second place and Mini got third place! She said we made all of them happy and thanked us for showing up and we thanked them for letting us perform.

Some pics inside the store. They were cut out of a video so they are low quality.

Mini: She even said we might have gotten first place if we had been there when the other dog was! We are perfectly happy with 2nd and 3rd place though. They said the other dog was a rescue and had only been in training for about 2 1/2 weeks, so I think she deserved to get 1st place anyway.

Barbarella: We had a lot of fun and hope they have the event next year. And hopefully, more dogs will show up!

Mini: We were on our best behavior that day and didn’t bark at anyone. Well, I didn’t bark at anyone in the Petco stores but when we were at TSC picking up some horsy treats, I did bark some. But hey, Jess was so distracted on picking horse treats that I had to let her know that someone was standing over there. We ended up talking to the lady, who adored me ;)

Mini & Barbarella: And here are the spoils of victory!

Prizes from Petco's Champion at Heart Dog Show.

Posing in the Leaves

Barbarella:Me: Okay, I’m sitting in the leaves…now what? *Gasp* Is that cheese stick you have?!

Amanda: Yeah, it’s cheese stick, but before you can get any, let me get the camera focused…Ah! Okay.

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Could you lean a little to the left.

Me: Sure! I’ll do anything for cheese stick. Hey! How about I speak, would that get me the cheese stick too?

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Drat! My knee was in the picture. What? Oh, yeah. You speaking is always funny, so yeah, speak away!

Me: *Growling noises*

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Me: Wait! I heard something in the woods.

Amanda: It was probably an acorn falling from a tree.

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Me: Maybe so. Okay, the hatch is opened! Lower the cheese stick into it!

Amanda: Haha funny!

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Me: Yum yum!

Amanda: Alright, I think I’ve taken enough pictures of you speaking. How about you pose some more.

Me: Okay. How’s this?

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Good.

Me: And this?

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Very good! Has Mini been giving you lessons?

Me: Some, but I think it’s mostly the cheese stick taking over my brain ;)

Amanda: Well, here’s a piece for posing very good and an extra one for being a good girl.

Me: Yummy!

Amanda: Hey! I just got an idea. How about you pose with a leaf in your mouth.

Me: Okay.

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Good girl! Now drop it.

Me: *bleh*

Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

Amanda: Good! Here’s another piece of cheese stick.

Me: *Licking lips*

Amanda: Alright, let’s wrap things up with your cute smile. Say cheese!


Barbarella in Fall leaves

*Camera click*

First True Fall Day of the Year

Mini:It all started last night when we went out for a walk. It was finally cool and only slightly muggy! And today it is even better! After taking all of us for a walk today, Jess and Amanda spent most of the day riding the horses since it was so nice outside. I wish we could have been out with them, but when you’re in heat you are not allowed to roam around outside alone :( I guess it was okay though, because the house windows were open, so we still got to enjoy the fall air inside while we napped :)

I think this is the best group photo we have gotten so far of Barbarella, Zachary and me. It was taken today, in the cool fall air. We are thinking about having it framed and placing it on the wall!



Tractor Supply co. P.A.W. 2016

Mini:Barbarella:Mini: Last Saturday (the 17th), was the day Barbarella, Zachary and I got to go to Tractor Supply co. for Pet Appreciation Week!

Dachshunds, Mini and Barbarella at Tractor Supply #paw2016

Barbarella: Yay! Our trip to Tractor Supply co. for PAW was fun! And what was even more fun is that we got to show off a lot of our tricks to a very nice lady that worked there!

Mini: The first place we headed was to sign up for the raffle in hopes of winning. We also picked up some free balls at the table for each of us.

Barbarella: Once we were done with that, we headed straight to the treats and chew aisles and we got a beef hoof and some dental treats. Jess and Amanda said we already had a lot of treats at home so we didn’t need any more.

PAW at Tractor Supply co. 2016

Zachary is supposed to be posing for a picture with us.

Mini: We then headed on over to the food aisle to pick up some kibbles and ended up spending most of our time talking to a worker on that aisle and showing her all our tricks. Zachary even showed her his trick “sit” (he’s really good at it now). Some other people came to pet us and they said we were adorable and cute!

PAW at Tractor Supply co. 2016

How long do we have to sit here for a picture?

Barbarella: After running out of tricks to show her, she had to get back to work. After that, we had to go over to the hardware area and look at some (boring) things.

PAW at Tractor Supply co. 2016

Mini: Since it was quieter over there in the hardware area, I did some heel practice with Jess. 

PAW at Tractor Supply co. 2016

Barbarella: I sure hope we win the raffle so we can get lots and lots of food and treats!

PAW at Tractor Supply co. 2016

Zachy’s trying to eat the beef hoof in the basket.

Jess/Amanda: All in all Mini, Barbarella and Zachary did very well. This was Zachary’s first time going into a store and he did great with the exception of barking at some other dogs that passed by. Mini and Barbarella were relatively quiet the whole time we were there and only started barking a couple of the times when Zachary did. Although, this time Mini didn’t want many people to pet her (she started her heat cycle a couple days before, and has been a little moody). She did let one lady pet her along with the others with no fuss and actually enjoyed it. Good job Mini, Barbarella and Zachary! And thank you for performing your tricks in the store for us!

Our Pawlympic Medals

Mini:The Blogville Pawlymipcs are now over and it has been a great past couple of weeks! This was the first time we had ever heard of the Pawlympics and we had a blast competing :D From August 5th to August 21st they lasted and so did a lot of fun!

So here’s how our first time Participating in the Pawlympics went:

First, we went over to Sarge Speaks Out for the “Digging” event.

Mini Digging Barbarella Digging

On the 10th we headed over to The Daily Bone for some “Ear Flapping”.

Mini's flappy ears Barbarella's flappy ears

Next, we hung out at Sheltie Times to do some “Synchronized Napping”.

Mini and Barbarella napping

Early on the 15th I was over at Dory’s Backyard “Sitting Pretty” and later that day, I joined Barbarella at My GBGV Life for some “Wabbit Tracking”.

Pretty Mini Mini Tracking Barbarella Tracking

And on the last day, we were back at Dory’s Backyard showing them some smiles for the “Smileys” event.

Smiling Dachshund Mini Barbarella smiling

And just look at all the medals we won! Hope none of y’all mind, but we went ahead and engraved our names on our medals so that way we would know who’s is who’s.

Everyone did a great job at hosting the events and all the Pawlympians did a great job competing!

Thank you Blogville for hosting the Pawlymipcs and thank you everyone who hosted the events. We had a fun time watching all the different events and seeing the many pawlympians compete  :) We enjoyed it all and plan to be back for next year’s Pawlympics!