Fun Times

Thank You Blogville

Most of the blogs that are hosting the Blogville Pawlympics we cannot comment on due to the commenting login options. So, we just want to say: “Thanks to everyone who have hosted and are hosting the events and good job to all the participants!!!”. We are having a lot of fun and once the Pawlympics are over, we will proudly show all the medals y’all have kindly awarded us. :D

Mini and Barb on couch


Loosening Up to Zachary

Barbarella:When Zachary first got here, I didn’t like him around me much so I would stay away from him. But after the last four weeks, I’ve begun to loosen up to him and let him get close to me. I now treat him like part of the family. I’ve also started playing with him! On the night of the 21st was the first time we played together. We were all in one big crate and right before it was time to go to bed, we started playing. Do you know how good at playing he is? He is fun to play with! What’s funny is, is that when I play with Zachary, Mini starts barking and tries to play with me so then I have both of them playing with me at one time. I don’t mind it at all, I think it’s more fun!


The flash from the camera made our eyes look weird.

106_5429 106_5430

Since I’ve loosened up to him, I now look happy when getting our picture taken (before I wouldn’t look so happy). This picture was taken today.


As you can see by the expression on my face, I didn’t mind him being by me at all. Mini and I both really like him and are happy he came into our family.

The Month of June!

Mini:Woohoo! It’s June! Do you know what happens in June? Well, for one it’s going to get hotter, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Have you guessed it yet? If you’ve visited my about page you should know, but just in case you don’t, I’m going to tell you… My Birthday’s in June!!! It’s on June 28th, to be exact. I wonder what kind of cake Jess is going to make for me this year.

It's June!

Cute mini dachshunds in flowers

Barbarella: “Cake? Did someone mention cake?” Mini: “Can’t wait!”

Unlike last year, Jess hasn’t planned my birthday yet (last year, Jess had everything planned a month or so before my birthday). I’ll get her to work on the plans soon though, because I want it to be even better than the last; which will be pretty hard to top, because my last birthday was awesome!

Miniature Dachshund Mini in flowers

And guess what else will happens in June. On the 14th, we are going to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of living here on the ranch with Jess and Amanda! June is going to be so much fun!!

Trouble With Washing Bed Sheets

Barbarella:Me: Oh, hi Amanda. Do you want something?



Amanda: Yes, I want the sheets your laying on.

Me: Sheets? What sheets?…Oh, you mean these super comfy blankets that I love to lay on. Right now I feel like I could lay on them all day.


Amanda: But I need to wash them, they are dirty.

Me: I don’t think the blankets are that dirty, or else you would have stuck them in the washer faster, instead of leaving them here for me to cuddle up on.


Amanda: Come on Barbarella get off of them so I can wash them. How about after I wash them, then you can lay on them all you want.

Me: Hmm…No deal. If you really want to wash them, you have to get through me first.


Amanda: Barbarella…sigh…Okay you win, but…Oh wait! Hang on.

Me: Hang on? Wait. What are you getting? Come on tell me! What are you getting?!


Amanda: I’m getting treats. If you want one, you have to get off of the sheets.

Me: Treats! Uh…Okay! You can have your blankets or sheets. Oh and now we have a deal about I get to lay on the sheets after they are washed.

Amanda: Fine.

Me: Come on give me a treat already!


Me whispering: I’ll have to do this more often.

Amanda: What was that?

Me: Nothing.

Digging Doggies

Barbarella:Mini and I love digging holes in the ground whenever we are resting or sitting. With all the rain we’ve been getting, the ground is nice and moist and just waiting for us to rip it up. For the past few days it has been sunny so Mini and I started working on digging a hole.

Here’s Mini and me getting the hole started.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

The rest of the pictures are of Mini and me making the hole bigger and bigger.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging


Mini is listening to something underground.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

I sometimes pull the dirt up with my mouth.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

All that digging made me tired (because I did most of the digging) so I decided to rest in the cool hole.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

This is how big the hole was when we got finished with it.

Miniature Dachshunds Digging

Does your dog like to dig?