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Raw Feeding: Two-Three Months Results

(Sorry for getting this post up so late. This was written around the middle of August and is information from then )

When I first started eating raw, Jess said I was going to try it for at least two months. Well, it has now been over two months and I am still getting to enjoy raw meals every morning! We really do like having me on a raw diet and the benefits of it. So lets review the changes it has made for me in the first two-three months.

Body condition

It fluctuates depending on what I have been eating over the past few days, but as long as I get my walks in, I have a pretty good figure! I now appear smoother and more toned then I have ever been and have less “flab”. I am actually starting to build up some good thigh muscles with the jumping exercises I have been doing! Jumping really does me good and helps with my “tuck”.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had grown a longer coat this spring and had been shedding a lot lately. I have since grown out that longer coat and am back with my normal shorter coat. I am also back to shedding less (which Jess just loves). I have good oils in my coat and am very shiny! All those oils also help me repel water pretty well. One day I was floating on a board in the swimming pool (trying to stay dry) and my butt accidentally dipped in the water but came out almost completely dry! I have always had a pretty good coat even on a kibble diet but never have I been as shiny as I am now; that’s the biggest change.



Unfortunately, my weepy eye still hasn’t gone away. My ears have been good and not smelly (I have never had much trouble with them). My teeth are pretty good. The only time I have gotten my teeth cleaned was back in January of this year because I had an infected tooth. While my teeth still get dirty and need to be brushed from time to time on a raw diet, they don’t get as much build up near as fast as they did on kibble. Eating raw has made my front teeth pretty pearly!

At meal time

I still love it! But meals that include bones are stressful for Jess. She always worries about me choking on them, especially since I tried swallowing one that was too big a while back and giving everyone a bit of a scare. I turned out just fine though. Jess now holds my meals with bone for me (while I eat them) that she thinks I could choke on. But any way, back to me. I love getting my food. Check out the video of me below.

Loving this raw diet!

PS. Also, sorry for the delay on the Tractor Supply PAW post. We are having some keyboard trouble. We will get it up as soon as we can!


Raw Feeding: So Far

*I actually wrote this post a while back but never got it published, so some of the info about me is a bit outdated :)*

So, for the past month and a half, I have been eating raw food. I am going to be on a raw diet for at least two months to see how I do on it and if it’s affordable for us, I might continue to be. So, why am I on a raw diet you ask? Well, for a lot of different reasons, but mainly because Jess wants me to live a long healthy life and the more she read about kibble, the less she wanted me eating it. Some dogs live good lives on kibble, but another reason why I switched to raw was that I have always had a hard time keeping my weight down on kibble and a raw diet was said to help with that.

My thoughts on this raw diet.

I love it! Every morning, Jess carries my bowl out the door for me to eat (I eat outside so I don’t get raw meat all over the carpet.) and until she puts my bowl down, I am right next to her jumping around or barking. Or, I will go to the place where I normally eat and excitedly wait for her to put my bowl down.

Miniature dachshund loves her raw food.

What do I get to eat?

Chicken necks, thighs, beef ribs, liver, heart, pork, a lot of different things! Sometimes I will get an egg for supper or some ready-made raw from Petco. I also have coconut oil and kelp added to some of my meals and Jess is also thinking of adding a vegetable mixture to them too!

Raw meat dog food meals for miniature dachshund, Mini.

A few of my raw meals.

How has a raw diet effected me?

Well, I can say it has definitely helped keep my weight down. Which is awesome! Even when exercising regularly on a kibble diet, I still had about a pound of extra weight that I just couldn’t lose.

I still have an overly weepy eye that I have had for a long while. We aren’t sure what causes it but were wondering if a different diet would help. So far, it hasn’t, but we’ll see. I do think it has gotten a little better and is less weepy now than before.

My coat is nice and shiny but I am shedding more than I used to. Earlier this year, I grew a longer, softer coat than I normally have and with that, came more shedding. I am just now starting to lose that longer coat and get my shorter one back. We’ll see how much I shed once I get my normal coat completely back.

Raw fed piebald miniature dachshund with shiny coat.

I’m glowing!

My human’s thoughts on feeding me raw.

Well, she has days where she thinks about switching me back to kibble and days where she wants me to stay on raw. She just worries about me choking on the bones and providing me with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals since she doesn’t have a lot of different options of meats to provide me with right now. I say stick with it, I love it! But you know how humans are.

Miniature dachshund eating raw chicken thigh.

*Fun Fact*

Did you know, a well-cared for grey wolf can live to be around 16 years old, some even older? A grey wolf would be the equivalent of a large sized dog based on their weight and the life expectancy for a large purebred dog is around 11 years. That is a five-year difference! I am not saying their longer life is strictly because they eat a raw diet, but I do think it plays a big part in it.


5 Ways to Keeping Doggy Teeth Clean

Mini:February was National Pet Dental Month, but just because it is now March (how did that happen?) doesn’t mean it has to stop. It is very beneficial for your dog’s teeth to be cared for every day. It helps to reduce tartar which helps to reduce the chances of disease and also bad breath. So, today we are going to talk about different ways to keep your doggy’s teeth clean!


Toothbrush and paste

In my opinion, this is the best way to keep your pet’s teeth healthy and tartar free. It only takes a couple minutes each day and has a great outcome. I would say it is the least expensive and most effective way to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Just be sure to use toothpaste that is designed specifically for pets. The toothpaste for humans is not meant to be consumed and since there is no way to get your pet to rinse their mouths out, you should not use it. You can find pet toothpaste and brushes at pet stores or online.

Dental chews/treats

Dachshund. Mini chewing on Whimzees dental alligator chew.

Whimzees alligator dental chew

These are processed dog chews that are specially formulated for dental health. A lot of brands make them in cute shapes like toothbrushes or bones. Some are smooth and some have ridges or bumps on them to help rub the teeth better while chewing. Quite a few of them contain parsley or peppermint to help with doggie breath as well.

Natural chews

Hooves, ears, bully sticks and the like can help scrape plaque and tartar off your pet’s teeth while they chew. I can personally vouch for this method, as the first pig ear I ever got took a chunk of tartar off of one of my canines while I was chewing on it. Although, I believe that tartar had been loosed from previous bushings.

Dachshund chewing on pig ear

Barbarella enjoying chewing on a pig ear.

Water additives

There are certain products you can add to your pet’s water to help with dental hygiene. We have not tried this method so we do not know how well it works.

Dental cleanings at the vet

If your pet’s teeth already have a heavy build up of plaque and tartar, it might be a good idea if you had the vet scrape it off for you. They will sedate the pet and may also remove any loose or rotten teeth. Afterwards, you should use one or more of the methods above to keep your pet’s teeth clean so you don’t have to take them back to the vet for another cleaning.


A note on dog chews and dental treats:

It’s a good idea to check to see where the product is made and stay away from products made in China. And, it usually says on the packaging, but I will list it here “that a dog should be supervised when given a chew to make sure they adequately chew it”. Many dogs have choked on chews/dental treats so this is good advice to follow.


Doggie Safety on Halloween

Mini:Halloween is a fun time, right? Well, it might be fun for the humans, but not all doggies agree with them. And with Halloween coming up in a couple days we figured it would be a good idea to sniff out a few safety tips for our readers. Miniature dachshund, Mini in hotdog costume


Help keep your dog safe this Halloween by:

Crating them.

A crate is a good idea if your dog doesn’t like people in costumes or constant knocks on the door. A crate can keep your dog safe from all the candy and eliminate the possibility of escaping from the house. It is recommended that their collars are removed before crating for safety reasons.

Having ID on them.

If you’re not going to crate them or don’t have a crate to put them in. Make sure you have a collar with up-to-date tags on, just in case they slip out the door when the kids come trick-or-treating.

Putting all candy up high.

Chocolate and Xylitol (used as a sweetener in some treats) is dangerous to dogs, and chances are there will be some treats containing it. So make sure to keep all the treats up high and out of reach from the dogs. And even if the treats don’t contain chocolate or Xylitol, they are still not good for your pet.

If you feel your pet is being left out, there are always treats made special for them that you could get from the pet store.

Keep your pets safe and have fun!

Have a happy Howl-o-weenie!jack-o-lanters

2016 Rabies Shots

Barbarella:As you already know, Mini said that we went to get our rabies shots on Wednesday. They were taking care of another dog when we got there so we had to wait to get our shots.

We didn’t mind waiting at all and enjoyed sniffing around.

Miniature Dachshunds at vets

Did I mention Zachary came along? He doesn’t like to be left home alone.

Miniature Dachshund Mini at vets

Miniature Dachshund Barbarella at vets

When it was our turn, Mini went first. She did very good and didn’t struggle at all once they got her into their arms (she was so nice). Then, it was my turn. At first when Amanda handed me to the strange person, I didn’t know what was gonna happen… then I knew. Amanda says I did very good too and didn’t struggle very much.

Miniature Dachshund Penny at vets

Miniature Dachshunds at vets

Zachary is happy nothing happened to him.

After we were all done getting our shots and got back in the car, we got new rabies tags! Our tags from last year were green and shaped like a bell, our new tags for this year are red and heart shaped. Amanda and Jess like our new tags and so do we.

Mini posing in grass with new rabies tag

After the vet, we went for a nice walk and drive around town and we went though the bank drive through. (to do banks stuff) When the teller saw us, she asked if we could have some doggie treats. And of course, we accepted and she gave us all some milk bones! Mini and I ate ours, but I don’t think any one else cared for them (they are more spoiled when it comes to treats and prefer the ones with a lot of meat in them).

Milk bone

Now The Minidatsun Gang is protected from rabies!

Five miniature dachshunds

Now, lets go exterminate our property of all those raccoons, skunks and bobcats!!!