Zachy Update

Mini:Well for one, one of Zachary’s nicknames is Zachy, hence the title of this post :) We haven’t posted about Zachary in a while and figured it was about time for an update on him. So, here it is:



House Training

A week or so after my last post about him, he had a streak of “accidents” (messy ones) in his crate when we were away. At least one of us (Barbarella or me) has to say at home with him in our crate or there is a high chance we are going to come home to a filthy crate and a dog that needs a bath. As of now, he is doing okay with house training and hasn’t peed in the house in a while, so he is getting to be out of his crate for longer periods of time. He is good in a small room but when he has run of the house, he usually ends up peeing somewhere and has to be watched VERY closely to prevent that.


He is getting pretty good at sitting when you tell him, although it’s not proofed yet. We ran out of training treats :( Barbarella and I are helping him learn that when the word “outside” is mentioned, it means we are going outside for a walk or just to have some fun. Barbarella and I get excited when we hear it and then Zachery gets excited when we do.



Since getting here he has greatly improved on behaving himself. He is definitely not as spazy as he used to be and has calmed down some, which is a relief for us. It used to be that he couldn’t stand still for a second unless he had just gone for a long walk. He is getting the idea that jumping won’t get him any treats and sitting still will. He still likes loves to chase the chickens, but there has been a slight improvement there. He knows that the first thing he is supposed to do when we go outside in the morning is to go to the bathroom and then he gets to go for a walk or play. Oh, and his barking when in his crate has cut down immensely. The first couple nights he was here he barked throughout the night, but he soon got over that and would only start barking when we left the room. And by barking, I mean non-stop till Jess or Amanda came back in the room and stayed. Now, he can be left alone in the room for a while with no barking. And since he is doing so good with his house training, he sometimes gets to stay in the bedroom out of his crate for a short while while nobody but Barbarella and I are in there with him!


He is a whole lot easier to live with now and just seems to reek happiness :) He is FULL of energy and loves to play and takes all the toy out of the toy box when he gets the chance. Right now, there are toys scattered all over the floor!

There’s a lot more I would like to say about him, but this post is long enough as it is :)


Yay, Zachary!

Mini:Zachary is doing really good with his house training and we are so happy for him! For the past few nights he has been getting to sleep with us in our big crate instead of in his little crate by himself. The first time he got to stay in our big crate with us was when he was here only 1 1/2 weeks and he ended up peeing in it.


Recently, we have been letting him out of the crate for longer time periods and he hasn’t peed on anything or even attempt to! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for the past week! He is doing okay on his “sit” and Jess says he would probably know it already if she was more experienced with clicker training and if she would spend more time working on it with him. He is doing pretty good with his recall. When he first got here, you could call him over and over and he wouldn’t come. Now, he comes when called most of the time unless there is something really interesting around. He is also calming down some (I say some) and Jess was actually able to get some fair pictures of him. He still loves to make blurry pictures though!




Here’s one of the blurry ones.


Solid black Dachshund, Zachary.

This would have been a great picture if only we hadn’t been using Barbarella’s pink leash for him at the time.



Later he had me switch leashes with him.



Please continue to be a good boy Zachary, so that way you can be out with us most of the time! Oh, and if you would leave the baby chicks alone and stop chasing them you wouldn’t have to be on a leash when outside. It is way more fun without one :)


Clicker Training

I’m letting Jess do a short post today.

A note from Jess,

Hey everyone, we got a clicker! Mini and Barbarella are trained with just voice praise and treats, so we have never had any experience using a clicker. We had been wanting to try out clicker training though, and since we now have a new dog (Zachary) that knows nothing, we figured this would be a good time to try it. I have done quite a bit of research on clicker training and am watching some YouTube videos to help me out. Yesterday the clicker we ordered arrived and Zachary had his first lesson in clicker training; which was to associate the “click” with a treat. In the few sessions we’ve done, I’ve already had a lot of fun. I hope Zachary will catch on to it soon so we can start teaching him some things like sit, stay, etc. I am really excited about it and just want to teach him all sorts of things but to do that, he first has to learn what the “click” means. If clicker training is successful with Zachary, I might even try it with Mini! Although she already does very well without one.

Starmark Clicker in Package

From what I’ve read, this is supposed to be one of the best clickers made, so we decided to get one.


That’s all for now!

1 Year of Blogging! (Part 1)

Miniature dachshund Mini by pond wearing coat

Winter last year.

This is going to be a lengthy post with Jess being the one talking instead of Mini. The second half (Part 2) is written by Amanda talking about Barbarella’s posts.

Wow! It’s already been one whole year since we started our blog back in January 2015. Maybe some day we will even review dog related items like many other bloggers do, but right now we are happy just sharing what we know and pictures of our cute dachshunds. In this post we are going to review how our first year of blogging was.


When we first started The Minidatsun Blog:
  • Our sidebar only had a few widgets: search, archives, categories and a doxie’s favorite things to do. Now, we have many other widgets in addition to those.
  • All of the dogs info was originally crammed onto one “about” page. Now, Mini and Barbarella now have their own “about” pages with a list of their tricks and their favorite things.
  • At first our pictures weren’t of the best quality. Now, they are clearer and posted bigger to make them easier to see.
  • At first our background was solid blue. Now, we change the background on the first day of a new season. We have a different background for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. You can only see the seasonal backgrounds on a computer; our mobile version of the blog does not show it.
Dachsunds in summer

Summer last year.

Big things that happened in 2015:
  • Shortly after creating The Minidatsun Blog, Mini & Barbarella had pups in February. It was fun helping Mini post about being a Mama Dog.
  • We started Cutie Monday in April. Every Monday at 8:00 am we post a cute or funny picture. One week Mini will post and the next Barbarella.
  • We started That Time:. The posts starting out with the title “That Time:” are posts about things that happened before we started our blog, or that happened a while back and we never got around to posting it.
  • We celebrated having Mini and Barbarella with us on our ranch/farm for 1 whole year in the post 1 Year, Here on The Ranch! 
  • On June 28th Mini turned four years old and had the best birthday ever. I had her cake planned and the place picked out to have her birthday party long before her birthday and couldn’t wait till it got here. The little table we put her cake and presents on I made especially for her birthday.
  • We went to Tractor Supply’s annual PAW (Pet Appreciation Week) celebration. We started taking the dogs to TSC for PAW in 2014 and we plan to go every year we can. This is also the first post with the dogs out in public.
  • Mini and I won a giveaway on Ammo the Dachshunds blog for a 25lb bag of Brothers Complete dog food and three bags of treats.
  • Mini and Barbarella learned to leg weave. Here you can see a video of them the first day they started training.
  • We started a post called Past Month Pics to share random photos that had no place in a post of their own.
  • Mini and Barbarella got to go to San Antonio, TX for the first time on October 20th.
  • The dogs had the best Christmas ever and got a ton of presents. We still have yet to post about our Christmas, with all the things that have been going on we forgot to create a post about it.
  • The last thing that happened in 2015 was that one of Mini’s teeth got infected right before Christmas and we thought it was going to have to be pulled, but it turned out that she got to keep it!

The first big thing that we are adding to our blog this year is a new page called “We’ve Tried”; it shows all the treats we have tried out and what we think of them.

Dachshund in spring pasture

Spring last year.

Lets look back on some of my favorite posts.
  • Mini’s first post was “Goodie Bag” and I am very happy how Mini’s first post turned out. There isn’t much writing in it and the pictures aren’t of the best quality, but the dogs love it when we come home with a goodie bag so I just had to share it.
  • It was fun creating the post “That Time: It Flooded“. It shows Mini’s ability to be off leash, like she is most of the time. 2015 was the first year in a long time that we actually got spring rain and man did rain a lot; it’s nice to have that recorded on this blog.
  • More Treats For Learning” Features Mini’s favorite crunchy treats we buy from HEB. This post has some humor in it and the pictures were taken in my favorite place in our pasture to take pictures; it’s also the area where we celebrated Mini’s 4th birthday. In this post I started to teach Mini to sit when I tell her to where every she is and now she will, unless the ground is wet or cold. :)
  • Soggy Doggies” When the dogs are wet and or muddy we call them soggy doggies. Since it rained so much this year they were becoming soggy doggies a lot, so Mini and I made a post about it. It shows how much Mini doesn’t mind wading through water and there’s a short clip of the first turtle they met and how much they like barking at them.
  • In the post “Trimming Black Nails“. I’m glad I got to share how I trim Mini’s black nails without hitting the quick.
  • 1 Year, Here on The Ranch!” Was the first post to have both Mini and Barbarella talking in it together.
  • 4th of July Photo Shoot” Shows how many pictures we take just to get one. A lot of the time the outtakes are funny and these were, every time I look at this post I laugh at at-least one of the pictures.
  • That Time: With a Giant Worm” Is a funny post and shows how tolerant Mini is of things and how good she listens to me.
  • Today Was Fun” Is a different kind of post, it’s just something short but entertaining. And yet again Mini brags about her not having a leash on the whole time in this post.
  • Tractor Supply’s annual PAW” (Pet Appreciation Week) celebration was really fun. The first year we went was in 2014, we didn’t have this blog then and we didn’t take any pictures of the dogs in the store, so this year we made sure to get some good pictures so we could post about it.
  • Happy Howloweenie” We finally got some use out of the hot dog costumes we have.
  • I really enjoy creating pictures like the ones in our “Merry Christmas!” post. One of the reasons we started this blog was so we could share the pictures we make; like the ones in this Merry Christmas post. We usually create a picture like those for every holiday.

Miniature Dachshund head from below

Being that it was our first year of blogging ever, I’d say we did quite well. We posted a total of 142 posts in the year of 2015. We look forward to our second year of blogging and hope it will be even better than the last!

1 Year of Blogging! (Part 2)


Summer 2015

Here is part two of 1 Year of Blogging. The first half (Part 1) is written by Jess talking about Mini’s posts. Amanda is the one talking in this post.

Happy anniversary Blog! Today it has been exactly one year since we started our blog. We started our blog to share how cute, smart and funny Mini and Barbarella are and to share how much fun they have with us on the ranch.



Here are a few of the very first posts Barbarella wrote.
  • Doggy Rain coats”. Doggy rain coats was Barbarella’s very first post. It’s a short post that introduces their first raincoats they got.
  • “New Member of the Pack”. This post features one of Penny’s pup’s, Candy. Right now, she is in Houston at minidatsun.com’s main location.
  • “New Leash”. This post is about a new leash Barbarella got. The color of the leash is raspberry sorbet and it’s 5 feet. It’s brand is Zack & Zoe.

Fall 2015


Here are my favorite posts in 2015.
  • “Garden Doggies”. In this post Barbarella discovered that she likes asparagus almost as much as kale stems. She loves kale so much that sometimes she will eat it right off the plants.
  • “The Hunt”. The holes in our fence are only big enough that the rabbits can fit through and the dogs can’t so they usually never get to catch any of the rabbits that they are chasing.
  • “Upgraded Agility Weave Poles”. Mini and Barbarella love to do agility so we made them a homemade agility course. It’s not made out of PVC like most agility courses are, instead ours is made out of wood and in this post it shows how we made our agility weave poles.
  • “New Kind of Leash and Harness”. In this post I bought Barbarella a new kind of leash and harness that she loves because the leash extends to 16 feet; she used to always pull on the leash. And the harness doesn’t choke her when she pulls.
  • “Driveway Work”. Barbarella isn’t usually off leash, but in this post she got to be off leash and got to run around with Mini while we were working.
  • “1 Year Here on The Ranch”. In this post, we celebrated Mini and Barbarella being here on the ranch for one year. That day was also the first time they got to ride on a horse with us.
  • “Crazy Dog Train Me Treats”. Barbarella loves Crazy Dog Train-Me! treats. She loves them so much we have made them her main training treat.
  • “Barbarella’s 3rd Birthday”. Barbarella loved her third birthday. She got a big cake and three of her favorite things: Crazy Dog Train-Me! treats, a pig ear and a rawhide chew.
  • “P.A.W. at Tractor Supply co. 2015”. Tractor Supply is one of our favorite pet friendly stores, so sometimes we take Mini and Barbarella there. TSC has an annual event called Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) and we love to take Mini and Barbarella to it when we can.
  • “Playing With My Squirrel Toy”. Every time we buy the dog’s new toys they are usually “dead” within a day’s time. But to prolong the life of their toys, we take the squeakers out, wrap them in layers of fabric and sew around the squeaker concealing it in the fabric; then we put them back in the toys and give them to the dogs.

Summer 2015