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11-28-2017 7 week old puppies

I’m back again for the last time today for my last post on my puppies. Before we took the weekly pictures for this week, a couple of my puppies went to their forever homes, my Long haired black and tan girl #2 and Marley.

Top: my Solid black girl puppy #1 and Koby. Bottom: Sadie.

I thought I’d add a couple more pictures of each of them since this is the last post about them. Here is my Solid black girl puppy #1.

Here is Koby.

And here is Sadie.

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures today and hope y’all have a happy New Year!

11-21-2017 6 week old puppies

And we’re back today with week 6 of my weekly photo shoot with my puppies! (in case you missed week 5, click here to go back to it).

I thought I’d share a little update on how my puppies were doing then. They were doing great and learning where the potty area was really good but every now and then they would miss it completely! My Long haired girl was the first to potty in the right place and hardly ever missed. They got more playful and found out Amanda’s feet were a good chew toy. They even tried playing with her hair and everything else that was low enough for them to reach.

We did something a little different for this photo shoot and just took pictures of them in their pin, but believe me they’re still cute pictures.

Alright, now instead of having them in order I have to eyeball it to tell who’s who, but I’m pretty sure I know who’s who.

Starting from left to right: Sadie, my Solid black girl puppy #1, my Long haired black ‘n tan girl #2, Marley, and Koby.

Koby and Sadie.

My solid black girl puppy #1 (She’s such a good poser).


Again starting from left to right: my Long haired black ‘n tan girl puppy #2, Koby, Marley, my Solid black girl puppy #1, and in the back behind everyone is Sadie.

And I couldn’t help but include another picture of my Solid black girl puppy #1 (she is the cutest poser).

Well, that was lots of fun trying to tell all of them apart from each other. It’s easier when they’re in action though ;). There is still week 7 coming up and then that will be the last of the puppy posts. So stay tuned for a third dose of cuteness!

11-14-2017 5 week old puppies

Man, I’ve been being lazy getting these posts out haven’t I? But good news! I’ve got them all written down so today I will finally share the last three weeks of pictures I spent with my puppies in three separate posts. So, today y’all will see nothing but cute puppy pictures! Okay, on to the pictures!

Here are my puppies at 5 weeks old! A few days before they turned 5 weeks old, we got moved to a pin so my puppies had more room to explore and so they could learn how to potty train.

And here are the pictures that were taken when we had their single photo shoots. Again, they are in the order they were born.

Solid black girl puppy #1.

Long haired black and tan girl #2.




I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Week 6 is coming up later today, so get ready for a second dose of cuteness!

11-4-2017 4 week old Puppies

Hi everyone! I am finally getting the posts written about my puppies! So here’s my weekly picture of my puppies at 4 weeks along with some pictures of their photo shoot and a little description about what colors they all are.

A few of my puppies have names already but I’ll be showing you them in the order they were born. Up first is my solid black girl. She has a white stripe on her chest and some white in some places, but as she gets older it is disappearing.

Next is my only long haired black and tan little girl. When she was littler she has a small speck of white on her chest, but now it has disappeared and she is a solid black and tan.

Next is Koby. He is my black and tan little boy who had a little speck of white on his chest when he was littler, but as he got older, it disappeared.

Next is Sadie. She is my other solid black little girl who also had a speck of white on her chest but it has disappeared so now she is now solid black like her daddy.

And last but not least is Marley. He is my other black and tan little boy that has a white strip on his chest. He also used to have some white in other places, but those have disappeared.

And that’s all my puppies. I’m sorry I got this post up so late, I’ll get the other weekly pictures and posts up soon.

My Big Surprise

Hi ya everyone! I have a surprise to share with y’all today. It has something to do with the reason I haven’t been so active lately. So, the first part of the surprise happened back in September; that is when we noticed that I was pregnant! SURPRISE! And since I didn’t share my weekly “puppy belly” pictures with y’all then, here they are from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

Miniature dachshund, Barbarella, pregnant from 6 to 8 weeks

At 8 weeks and 4 days, I had my puppies! That would make it on October 7th (which is funny because I had my last litter December 7th of last year). These pictures were taken 4 days after they were born.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's 2017 litter

And since it has been over three weeks since I had my puppies, here are the weekly pictures of them. Here they are when they turned 1 week old on the 14th. They grew a lot since the pictures above were taken (which was just 3 days after).

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies at 1 week old

And here they are at 2 weeks on the 21st.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 2 weeks old

And here they are now at 3 weeks.

Miniature dachshund Barbarella's puppies 3 weeks old

So that’s my big surprise. I will continue to post weekly picture updates with cute pictures included, so tune in sometime Saturday next week for our 4th week litter photo! :)