New Things

Chicken Toys

No, the chickens didn’t get any toys, we got chicken toys! Well, that is still a bit confusing… I don’t even think they make toys for chickens. Ah, I got it… we got new toys that are chicken themed! Now that’s more understandable, isn’t it? :)

So, without further ado, here they are! Don’t they just look like so much fun? If you said yes, you are right.

They came un-stuffed from the store, but when they got home, they went into “surgery” with Dr. Jess and Dr. Amanda and had some “guts” put in them for us. We think toys with guts are more fun :)

The fried egg is mine.

The chicken leg is Barbarella’s and the chicken is Zachary’s. I don’t have any pictures of Zachary with the chicken because we didn’t have the camera when he was playing with them. The pictures probably wouldn’t have come out anyway because he was moving around too much! Sometimes Barbarella will take all the toys and sleep with them around her.

When I first got the egg toy, I kept it really close to me. And to make sure nobody swiped it when I was taking a nap, I kept at least one paw on it at all times.

My New Chew Bones

It looks like a bone…. it’s white like a bone…. it’s stiff like a bone…. but it smells of peppermint and vanilla?


N-Bone Pearly Whites dog chew bones

I actually didn’t give it that much thought when Jess opened the package, I just started jumping around wanting one! We ordered some stuff from and these just got thrown in the cart to even up the total.

Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone pearly whites dog chew bone size small

N-Bone pearly whites dog chew bones

So, now you can enjoy pictures of me enjoying my new treat!

Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small Miniature Dachshund, Mini chewing on N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small

Barbarella thought it smelled good too, and wanted to eat mine. Normally, we share everything but these are special for me, so we will have to get her some too next time. I did give her a little taste though :)

Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small Miniature Dachshund and N-Bone Pearly whites dog chew bone size small Dachshund holding N-Bone pearly whites dog chew bone, size small in paws

Jess says she has to watch me once I get down to the end to make sure I don’t choke on it. But, since I like them so much and I’m not one to gobble things down, I might be getting some more in the future!

A Banana Dog Toy

Recently, I got a new toy! It’s yellow, crescent moon shaped and has a big smile on its face! Can you guess what it is? It’s a banana! But she has a name (it say so on her tag) and it’s Anna banana!


Anna says she came from Petco and believe it or not, she was the last banana left among the other fruits and veggies when Amanda walked in the store (Anna must be famous)! Amanda thought I would like her so she bought her. Then when she got home, she gave her to me.

However, before I could play with Anna, she had to tell me something important about banana peel and doggies. She said: “Never let your dog eat banana peel”. She means “real” banana peel, right? (If she means her peel, how am I supposed to rip her open, chew her squeaker all up and destuff her?)

Okay, Amanda said she just means real banana peel so that means she’s safe to play with. Alright on to playing!

One time when I was playing with her, she asked if we ever had any other fruit or veggie toys. I said we have a radish and carrot that we’ve had for a couple of years. Then, she asked where they were and I told her that they were around. She said she wanted to meet them, but…hehe…well…uh…

dun, dun, DUNNNN!

…I just couldn’t tell her what had become of them so I switched the conversation to how much we all love bananas.

Anyway, Anna Banana is a fun toy. I love her squeaker in her face and her crinkly peel!

My New Handmade Bed

Mini:Jess made me a brand new bed from scratch! It is so comfy and I love it! She says she might add some sides to it later to make it more cozy, but until then I will be enjoying it as is. It was once fabric and stuffing, and now it my bed full of fluffing! Hahaha :D



Perfect, right next to the bone stash ;)


Just right to hang your head off the side.



It’s so comfy.

We’re not sure how it will hold up in the washing machine yet, so wish it luck when it needs a washing!

Two More Buckle Collars And A Leash

Barbarella:Penny and I each got new buckle collars like Mini! Mini got her first buckle collar last week and we liked hers so much that we wanted one too. Also, Zachary got a new leash to match his collar!

Amanda got my buckle collar in neon pink.

Barbarella's new neon pick buckle collar

She doesn’t usually get neon pink colored stuff for me, but it was the only color pink they had.

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella posing with buckle collar

I think neon pink looks pretty good on me.

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella begging with buckle collar

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella looking pretty

Now the only thing my neon pink collar doesn’t really go with, is my leash. With it’s bright neon color, it makes my leash look like it’s purple (but it’s real color is called raspberry sorbet, which is a dark pink). But that’s okay, at least it matches my tongue.

Barbarella with her new buckle collar on and leash

We got Penny’s new buckle collar in purple. She always looked good in that color so that’s why we got it. She usually wears red, but we thought that it was time to get her a different color to wear.



You look great in purple Penny!

Zachary needed a leash because he didn’t have one and Amanda and Jess have been using our leashes for him (ours are pink and blue). And when they would take pictures of him they would regret putting my pink leash on him (boys don’t wear pink!). Now they don’t have to worry about embarrassing him with my pink leash anymore. The lime green leash matched his collar perfectly.

Soild black miniature dachshund, Zachary with lime green leash

Soild black miniature dachshund, Zachary with lime green leash

We got all our buckle collars and Zachary’s leash from a hardware store. Every since we got Zachary’s leash, we look so colorful on our walks.

Barbarella, Zachary and Mini on leashes

It makes us look like we are rainbow doggies with all the different colored leashes.

Mini, Zachary and Barbarella on leashes