Rabbit Chasing and Sleeping

Barbarella:A couple days ago, Mini and I got to chase a rabbit. When we first set foot paw into the woods, there he was just waiting for us to chase him down. We chased him and chased him, but even with my speed and Mini’s nose, we lost him (I bet he went through the fence) and we couldn’t find anymore rabbits! I wonder if he told the others that us great rabbit chasers were on the prowl for fresh rabbit ;) Anyway, when we were called back to go inside, we were really tired so we slept. Later in the day I was sleeping on Amanda’s lap at the computer and I guess I fell asleep with my head on the computer!


I accidentally pressed a couple buttons with my head in my sleep while Amanda did stuff on the computer. When I was sleeping, I dreamed about chasing more rabbits.

Happy Easter!

Instead of hunting for eggs, I was hunting for the Easter bunny.


It rained today but I still picked up his trail.


I found him twice and lost him twice (unless that was one of his decoys?).

The Hunt

BarbarellaSometimes when it’s a warm day, Mini and I go rabbit hunting. I love to hunt for rabbits but I never catch one. Do you know why? Because they cheat by going through the fence so we just chase them for fun and you never know if you’ll get lucky or not.


We have 1 way to find rabbits… team work. Mini is the tracker and the alarm because she has a (really) good nose and she yells every time she has the rabbit’s scent. I’m the chaser because I am the fastest.


Duke came along with us to help find the rabbits.


So we were off and Mini was picking up a trail in no time.


When Mini and I ran out of the woods and into the open, Amanda and Jess got some quick pictures of us.



On the edge of the woods, there was this brush pile so we went to investigate and then a rabbit came running out the other side and went in the woods, so we started running after it.



But we lost it (I bet it turned around and went through the fence). So we came back to Amanda and Jess and then we went back to the house.



On our way back Jess, took this picture.