That Time

That Time: With Sticky Seeds

Barbarella:Last month, Mini and I got outside the “dachshund proof fence” and on to a neighbor’s property. We chased a lot of stuff and smelled a ton of different scents. When Amanda and Jess noticed we were gone, they started searching for us. They called for us and when we came back, we had lots of sticky seeds all over us.


At first, when Amanda and Jess saw all the sticky seeds on us from up high, they thought we had gotten into cactus (which has happened before just not as bad), until they got a closer look.


Here’s a close up of the sticky seeds.

Amanda and Jess were relieved to see that we didn’t have cactus in us and instead it was just sticky seeds.


I got a lot of sticky seeds all over my face, ears, and my body.


Mini didn’t get as many sticky seeds on her as I did. She only got a few on her ears and face. Also, a little water on her face too.

After, Amanda and Jess were done picking most of the sticky seeds off of us, we came back to the house and were taken straight to the bathtub.


That Time: I Rolled in Something

Barbarella:One day I was sniffing around, then I came across something. I have no idea what it was but it sure did seem like something good to roll in. Amanda thought I was just rolling to get a good back scratch, But when I stopped rolling and sat up she saw that I was rolling in something.


Again, I have no Idea what it was, but I got it all over my back and it was fun to do.




Amanda didn’t seem to like it that much so she rinsed me off with a hose.


I don’t enjoy taking baths outside or inside so when Amanda was done getting whatever I rolled in off of me, I jumped down from the chair and started shaking off.


And, like any dog I wanted to get dirty again so Mini helped me out by showing me a good place to dig.


After getting dirty from digging, I went to lie down in the sun to get dry.


That Time: With a Giant Worm

Mini:Once upon a time there was this long, green, squishy thing wiggling across the ground. I had never seen anything like it before, so naturally I was curious as to what it was.


Dachshund and a Giant Worm

Jess picked it up and showed it to me. I can’t remember exactly, but I think I wanted to eat it, after all it did look like a giant green gummy worm.

Dachshund and a big green worm

Instead of eating it… Jess told me to leave it and let it have fun crawling all over me!

Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm

I’m a good girl, so I did like Jess said and let it crawl on me. I have gotten quite good at listening to Jess and doing what she says.

Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm

I think this was a test to see if I would listen to Jess and leave something live and moving alone (Jess is always testing me when she gets a chance to). Plus, we figured y’all would like to see pictures of a giant green worm. But, I couldn’t let Jess take pictures of the worm alone, they wouldn’t have been half as good as these pictures with me and worm.

Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm

That was the biggest worm I had ever seen. Once we were done playing with it, the worm was turned loose unharmed where we found it.

Dachshund and a big green worm Dachshund and a big green worm

The end.

That Time: I learned Bang

Barbarella The thing that made Amanda think of teaching me “bang” is that when I was doing “beg”, I laid down right afterwards. She thought of how cool it would be if I knew “bang” so that same day she started teaching me how to do it.


It was very easy to learn because I knew “beg” and “lay down” and those are the two tricks I needed to know to do “bang”.

That Time: I Found a Snake

Mini:One day when Jess was sweeping, I alerted her of a snake in the bushes by the sidewalk.


Mini with orange hognose snake

orange hognose snake
We believe it was a hognose snake because of the way it flattened its head like a cobra and its upturned nose that resembled a pig’s/hog’s nose.

orange hognose snake head