Sisters and Sisters!

Okay, so I’m sure everyone knows that Barbarella and I are half sisters. We look alike, we do practically everything together plus, it says so on our Instagram and about pages, lol! Well, today you get to learn something about our humans, Jess and Amanda! You might have thought they were just friends that hung out a lot but they are actually sisters! This is our blog, so they don’t talk much about themselves but we thought it was about time we let everyone know!

So, did you know it all along or is this a surprise!?

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Busy Times

Well, I think I have gone more places recently than I have in a long time. Some trips were just for fun, some business and a few weeks ago I posted a picture of a city and haven’t said what city it was of. So, today I am going to put together all the picture I could find of our recent travels. I don’t have pictures from all my car trips and since it was so long ago that I was supposed to post this, I can’t remember were all we went!

Getting to go places is one of my favorite things to do! I was the only one that got to go to Houston because Barbarella’s pups were still to young to be alone all day at the time. But, we did bring her back a bed of her own! While we were there, Jess and Amanda also picked up a pretty picture frame for a certain picture that was supposed to be hung on the wall a long time ago. It was all a lot of fun.

Busy Week

Wow, our past week has been really busy and I haven’t had time to do my “Life with puppies” posts! Well, I guess I did have some time to write a post or two, but instead I was just relaxing. We had a lot of fun last week and hopefully now I can get some posts put together about what we did and get my “Life with puppies” series up and going again. My pups are 7  weeks (can you believe it!? Seven!) now and this will be their last week here. Once they turn 8 weeks, they will be going to their happy homes with the people that love them. We love them too and wish we could keep them, but knowing how much happier they are going to make two more families makes us happy too :)

A picture from last week. (hint, to one of the things we did)

I guess that’s all for now, I just wanted to let everyone know why we haven’t been posting much.

See ya later :)

Fall Has Arrived!

Barbarella:Happy first day of fall everyone! We have now changed to our fall theme! How do you like it? We changed our background from “hot and sunny” to “cool and leafy” and we have also added some leaves at the bottom of our blog.

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, but we’re still waiting for it to get here. Earlier today, there was a nice breeze that we all enjoyed while we were out on a walk. The temperature is dropping slowly, but I’m sure we can survive a couple more days of 90 to 100 degrees outside.


I hope you’re enjoying your first day of fall!

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