Costume Contest at Petco!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! We had a great time at the contest on the 14th! Instead of there just being 2 other people that showed up like last year, there was quite the crowd this time!


There were so many dogs and even a hamster that dressed up for the contest! Including us there were 10 contestants for this year! Last year was fun but this year was even more so! I only barked on two or three occasions but calmed down nicely! One was when the other dogs there were barking but I behaved myself after that! I even let some of the people there pet me!

In the beginning, Barbarella and I did some tricks while we were waiting for the contest to start! Doing tricks always makes us feel more comfortable in situations like this. Once the contest started, all the contestants lined up and were called one by one to “parade” around in front of the judges. Jess and Amanda carried us because they thought we might be nervous walking around with people staring at us. Everyone absolutely loved our Indian costumes!

The Petco people took our pic while we were waiting!

After that, everyone put in their votes (even the contestants got to vote for their favorite!) and the winners were announced! There were two categories: “Pet” and “pet and pet parent”! Jess, Amanda, Barbarella and I all dressed up together so we were in the pet and pet parent category! Then the winners were announced!! We won’t 1st place!!!!

The other dogs in costumes that we voted for also placed too! We had so much fun and just love our 1st place ribbon! We are glad that everyone loved seeing us and our costumes and had a great time! We had to leave shortly after it ended because we were on a schedule that day, or else we would have stayed longer and maybe showed off a few more tricks! After we left Petco, we stopped at TSC to pick up some horse feed. We love TSC because they let us doggies go in the store with our humans! We even got a couple treats from the cashier at the checkout! I wore my costume in TSC to just to show everyone there also!

Freshly received treat from the cashier!

We had a really fun day over all and I was so exhausted from all the fun that I decided to take a nap just as soon as we were out of the stores, lol!

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