DIY Dog Bandana

Barbarella:Last year Amanda made me a DIY Bandana to wear around the house and outside. And, today I’m going to show y’all how she made it.


DIY Dog Bandana

What you’ll need:

  • Bungee cord
  • Bandana
  • Flexible measuring tape
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins (be prepared it depends on the size of your dog’s neck)
  • Scissors
  • J-clip pliers
  • A J-clip

First you will need to lay out your Bandana, then cut from one corner to the other (as shown in picture).

DIY Dog Bandana 1

Pick which ever side you want to use and do what ever you want with the other.

Next you need to loosely measure around your dog’s neck and add two inches (my neck is 10.5 inches but Amanda rounded it out to 11″ plus the 2″ which makes 13″), Then cut your bungee cord to the size of your dog’s neck (in our case 13″).


Now you take your Bandana and lay the side you want everybody to see face down. Then, you lay the bungee cord along the top of the triangle in a straight line. If it’s too short (like how mine is) roll the Bandana down to where the bungee cord is sticking out a half of an inch on each side.

DIY Dog Bandana 2

Cut your Bandana about a half of an inch above the bungee cord and cut the edges off (not too much though).

DIY Dog Bandana 3

Now take your bungee cord away. Fold the top and sides inward (about a quarter of an inch) then pin them down and start sewing.

DIY Dog Bandana 4

After you’re done sewing put your bungee cord back in place and fold the top of the Bandana over it. Then pin and sew again.

DIY Dog Bandana 5

Your almost finished, all you need to do is Jay clip the ends of the bungee cord together. Make sure to squeeze the jay clip tight.

DIY Dog Bandana 6

And you are finished! Now you have your DIY Dog Bandana. You can either lounge around in it or use it as an accessory for when you go out. I hope you enjoyed this DIY project.


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