Life with puppies: Week 3

Hi everyone! I’m all ready to tell y’all how week three with my two little cuties has gone. My little girl is the lighter one and my little boy is the darker one.

Alright, this week started out with the puppies getting their first worming.

Oh, wait, I forgot. It didn’t start out with the worming, that came after we got to see their eyes open! They are even cuter since their eyes have opened!

Their cutesy little ears have gotten longer and a bit floppy and have also opened up. Puppies are born with closed eyes and ears and at about 2-3 weeks, they open up.

The boy has started walking and the girl is not far behind.

The pups also had their first nail trimming. Did you know puppies have sharp little claws that get caught on practically everything! They sometimes will also scratch up their mama’s belly when having a meal. By accident of course. So, it’s good to not let them get too long.

And now for the most cute change… they are starting to want to play! They have been mouthing each other and me, but haven’t yet figured out how to “bite” and hold on. You will also hear them letting out little barks and growls!

As for me, I am pretty much back to my old self! Except the fact that I require a lot more food than I do when I don’t have puppies.

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