Life with puppies: week 8

My two puppies have now gone to live at their happy homes. It has been a great 8 weeks and we had a lot of fun with them while they were here. Jess says I was a very good mama. I was very careful not to lay on my puppies when they were young and would curl around them before laying down to help keep them in front of me. I helped clean up after them up until they were about 7 weeks, most mama dogs will stop at 4-5 weeks. And, if I ever wanted back with my puppies when I was outside or away from them, I always let Jess know.

They both got to meet the horses before going to their new homes.

Since this is going to be the end of my “Life with puppies” series I am going to write a little bio on each of my puppies:

My girl “Gator”

Color: Red with some shading.

Markings: Solid.

Coat: Short.

Gator was more like me. She has a coat that felt more like mine. Her muzzle was of a thinner build like mine. I can’t say for sure since she is still very young, but I think she is also going to have shorter legs like mine! Gator was a sweetheart and loved to be very close to you. Jess really liked her overall personality. She was just fine with her nails being trimmed and tolerated things well. The first day she was allowed to run around in the hall, she was a bit timid and didn’t want to come out of the bedroom even though her brother and I were out in the hall and living room playing. The next day, when the bedroom door was open, she just took off out of the bedroom all by herself and ran around in the dining room continually circling Jess’ brother trying to get him to play with her. She no longer had any fear of outside the bedroom whatsoever, it just seemed to suddenly disappear overnight. I’d say she was a pretty brave puppy.

Her happy home: Gator lives with her new mama and daddy and some fur siblings, one of which is many times her size and she gets along great with. She also has a toy alligator that was bought special for her.

My boy “T’J”

Color: We aren’t sure about his color as of yet. We think he is either a heavily shaded red or a wild boar coloring.

Markings: Thin white strip on chest.

Coat: Short.

T’J’s conformation is more like his daddy. He has a smoother coat more like Zachary’s. He definitely has his daddy’s tail. We can’t quite tell whose eyes he has. When he was little it looked like he had my eyes but as he has gotten older, you can start to see more Zachary in his face.  He was fine with his nails being clipped when he was little but when he was 8 weeks and due for a trimming he decided it was no longer fun and cried some. None of his nails were trimmed too short and he was just crying because he didn’t like it. I know many dogs don’t like their nails being trimmed and I guess he might be one of them. With proper reinforcement I’m sure he could learn to not let nail trimming bother him. The first day he was allowed out of the bedroom to play, he had fun running back and forth from the living room and the hall. Sometimes he would get “lost” in between the couches and get a bit scared because he didn’t know where he was and I wasn’t with him. Jess was amazed at how fast he potty trained himself. As soon as he was old enough to use the potty, he did and was quite accurate.

His happy home: T’J is living with his new mama, daddy and little fur and human siblings that are spoiling him. And he already has his own little shirt to wear!

With my previous litter, my boy (Brodie) turned out more like me and my girl was more like her daddy. It was the opposite with this litter. Gator took after me and T’J took after Zachary. I can’t believe how fast the 8 weeks pasted and I missed them so. Since I know they now have their own humans to love them, I can now give all my daily loving back to Jess. I’ll miss them for a while, but I will be fine. After all, I have Jess to love on and she will never be leaving me.

I lo️ve you my cuties❤️️.

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