Mini’s 7th Birthday

So here is my birthday from the moment I woke up…… The first thing I did was stay in bed for a little bit while  Jess was getting my cake ready and after that, I went out to potty. Once Barbarella and I were done, we came back inside to get my cake, ice cream, presents and the camera! Jess got the camera and presents and Amanda carried the cake and ice cream outside to set up for my party! Everything got set up and we took pictures and Jess and Amanda sang Happy Birthday to me! I kept wanting to nibble on the cake and lap up the ice cream while they were taking the pictures, so in the recording we took, I had some ice cream on my chin, lol!

I couldn’t wait till the song was over and decided to start on the cake right before the end of it! My cake was so good that I didn’t want to share it with Barbarella so I ate the whole thing myself :D

I did share the ice cream with her though! It was yummy too!

This year, Jess hand stamped me a leather collar and ordered a Goody Box from for me!

You wouldn’t believe how many treats were in my Goody Box! There where five, yes, FIVE, bags of treats in the box and a chew toy! I had so much fun opening it and eating the treats! I even snuck one of the treat bags out of the box after they were being put back up, ripped it open and got a piece of jerky out of it! It was yummy ;)

After I was all filled up with cake and treats, we headed back inside where I took a nice long nap! Once I was all rested up, we all went back outside and Jess and Amanda decided to give one of the horses a bath. While they were doing that, Barbarella and I were walking around sniffing for mice and stuff. We ran around some and waited for Jess and Amanda to get done with the horses and then it was time to head back inside to take another nap!

After that nap was finished, we did a few things and then headed outside again for an evening walk! We saw a few rabbits, visited the horses and gave them a cookie, found some grape vines filled with grapes and then came back inside for another nap! The last thing I did on my birthday, was watch Jess eat supper and “train” her with my puppy eyes to send some morsels my way ;)

My Birthday has been pretty great and I think it’s safe to say I am going to have plenty of treats for quite some time now!

Jess also put together a video of the things I did through out my birthday week that you can watch below! Or, click here to view it on YouTube!

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