My Puppies are 7 Weeks

Last week on Wednesday my puppies became 7 weeks!


They all have been doing great and last weekend, Rusty (my red possibly sable boy), Cocoa (my black & tan girl), Cooper (my red boy) and my solid black boy (aka Zachary junior, that’s what we called him), went to live in their new happy homes!

Here they are at 7 weeks. Top row: Rusty and Cocoa. Bottom row: Cooper and my solid black boy.

They were all great puppies and were so much fun! I loved them all very very much and wish them lots of fun and happiness in their new homes.

Since my puppies are all in their happy homes, this is the last update I will be doing on them. I had a lot of fun making the posts and I hope y’all enjoyed reading them every week for seven weeks.

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