New Kind of leash & Harness

Barbarella Amanda and Jess went shopping last week and when they came back, I had a new leash! And, it’s retractable too.



The reason Amanda, never bought a retractable leash for me before is because she was hearing that they weren’t very safe so she was kind of worried to get one. But when she bought one, she found out that it was the leash she has been wanting for me all along. My favorite part about it is that it’s 16 feet so I can go farther ahead to sniff more stuff.



Amanda’s favorite part about it is that she can stop the leash and lock it at a certain length when she wants me to walk close to her.




Or if I was going/sniffing one way and she was going the other way, she can tap the break button to send me a message down the leash and call me to come to her.




And now, to complete my every day gear, I have a Gooby X harness. Amanda ordered me one the same day she got my new leash. She has had her eye on one of these for a while and has decided to get me one. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m loving it.

Barbarella in Gooby harness

The Gooby X harness is supposed to be a no choke harness because of it’s V neck and where it connects. That’s the reason Amanda got me one because I tend to pull on the leash a little… okay a lot.

Gooby harness V neck

Gooby harness connecter

I’ve got to say that it works! I’m loving not being choked every time I pull on the leash.

Gooby harness no choke

I hope everyone else out there that has a Gooby X harness is loving theirs because I sure am!

Barbarella loves her Gooby harness

P.S. I was not paid to write about the leash or the Gooby X harness. I just like to share my new stuff with y’all.


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