No More Puppies!

BarbarellaAll of my puppies have gone to their new Happy Homes! It was hard to let them go because they were so playful and cute. I loved them very much even though they may have gotten on my nerves every once in a while but I know they were just trying to have some fun.

Some of my puppies don’t have names yet so I will update this post when they do.

This is Clover. He was my red short hair.


This is Datzy. She was my cream piebald long hair.

cream pie

This is Dixie. She was my black and tan short hair.


This is Layla. She was my black and tan long hair.


This is Roscoe. He was my cream piebald short hair.

cream pie boy

She doesn’t have a name yet. She was my red short hair.

Red girl

I hope everyone that got one of my puppies is very happy :)


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