Mini: Another empty treat bag… *sigh* :(


Jess: Don’t worry, Mini. Remember what the FedEx guy handed us the other day.

Mini: Oh yeah! We saw him pull up to the gate so we went down there and he handed us a package!

Jess: That’s right, Mini. And do you remember where that package was from?

Mini: Yep! It was from! And it had three full bags of treats!


Jess: I noticed you were low on treats so Amanda and I ordered some more.

Mini: Are they all for me?

Jess: What about Barbarella and Zachary?


Mini: If they are all for me, I will share with them. I don’t mind sharing. What do ya say?


Jess: Well… okay, I know you are a good sharer. And that face of yours is just too cute.

Mini: Yay! Now, may I have some?


Jess: Of course. Here you go.

Mini: Yummy!


Mini: That picture was a little blurry. So, I think we should redo that take. And to do that, we will need another piece of treat.

Jess: Sounds good to me. I don’t like blurry pictures either.

Mini: Yummy, yummy, yummy.


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