It’s finally Fall! We love fall! The air is cooling down, leaves are starting to cover the ground and halloween is also coming up! We are looking forward to going to Petco’s halloween costume contest this weekend!

Jess and Amanda are hurrying to finish our costumes and trying to come up with something for them as well! Ours are almost done but they still need to work on a few more things! Jess and Amanda are also trying to teach us not to paw at our costumes on our heads because they need to stay on! I’m getting better but still need more practice! The people at Petco are going to love the costumes Jess and Amanda are making for us and we hope to cause lots of “awws”, lol!

I was a very good girl at last year’s contest and didn’t mind the other dogs at all! If you know me, you know that I don’t always like big strange dogs and sometimes feel uncomfortable around them. Jess likes doing tricks with me in the stores to help loosen me up and not be so wary of people and dogs that are near. It really helps me to focus on having fun and not worrying about them as much! I love going places and I love doing tricks, so we can’t wait to go! Last year, Barbarella didn’t get to come but this year she does!

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