Our 2nd Blogiversary!

Exactly 2 years ago, we published our first post and said “hello” to the blogging world! For our last Blogiversary, we talked about our favorite posts and the changes we made to our blog since starting it. Instead of doing that again we decided to do something a bit more fun. Today, we have some fun and games for y’all to help celebrate our 2nd Blogiversary!

So, on with the games!

First, we will start off with trying to guess what I look like. Answer

Then next is… Can you find Zachary? Answer

And lastly…Try NOT to laugh.

And now that all the games are over… it’s time for the fun! Who would like to go for a ride on a horse with me!

This is Pretty Girl and she is going to take us for a ride.

Okay, so first you need to put your left foot in the stirrup.

Now, grab the horn and pull yourself up into the saddle.

Excuse my tongue, I was just thinking about all the wabbits I could chase down with this horse.


Now you are ready to ride like the wind… that is blowing my ears around.

First we will go down by the road and see if we can’t find Barbarella, Amanda and Windy.

Hhhmmm… I wonder where they are.


I don’t see them over there. Do you see them anywhere?


Oh, wait! I think that’s them!


It is! But how did they get in front of us? Maybe they passed us while I was day dreaming about wabbits.


Hi Barbarella! Where are you headed?


Barbarella: To the creek, want to come?


Lead the way!


Here we are! Too bad the wild ducks flew away before we could get the camera out.


I think it’s time for a snack. How ’bout we head back to the house now.

And we are back. Now I just have to figure out how to get down from Pretty Girl. You go ahead, I’ll get Jess to help me down.

We hope y’all enjoyed the ride and the fun games we created! Let us know (in the comments) what y’all thought of our celebration and if you completed all the games!

This past year, we published a total of 209 posts! That’s 67 more than we did last year! We averaged about 17 post per month in the year of 2016.
In our first year (2015), we posted 142 times and averaged about 12 posts per month. I’d say we’ve done quite well compared to the year before.

Here’s to another good great terrific year of blogging and bringing smiles to our readers’ faces!


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