Our Garden: We Have Cucumbers Growing

Barbarella:Earlier this year, we planted our spring garden. One of the things we planted in our garden were cucumbers and they have grown big enough to start growing cucumbers! So far, there are 6 cucumbers getting bigger and some smaller ones that are just starting to grow.





Mini the photo bomber.


I didn’t find out about the cucumbers until Amanda showed me them a couple weeks ago. When she showed them to me, I wanted to eat them, but apparently cucumbers grow spikes all over on them! And, I wasn’t able to eat one.


When Mini found out about the cucumbers she wanted to eat them too, but also found out about the spikes.


Amanda says, that when the cucumbers are big enough to pick (which looks like they are almost), then we can eat them. Oh well, see you cucumbers later, I’ll be back when y’all are ready to be picked/eaten.

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