New Joke

Barbarella A while back, Amanda made up this joke. It’s about a computer (all I’ve got to say is that I hope it doesn’t happen to my computer ;). Here’s how it goes. “How does a computer feel when it gets wet?” Let’s see if y’all can try and guess it. You can guess as many time as you want and I’ll tell you if it’s correct. Good luck!

That Time: I Got Paint on Me

BarbarellaA long time ago, back at the main location, Amanda and Jess were painting the porch with red paint. I was on the porch and Amanda and Jess didn’t notice that I had been doing a little painting myself (Mini helped too).



While I was trying to paint, I got some on my whiskers and head.


Next thing I know, I’m in the bath tub.



I don’t exactly like taking baths there because of the faucet.


It makes a loud noise.


Even if I tried to squirm away, I always got pulled in like a magnet.


All the paint is off my head and whiskers and I’m squeaky clean.


P.S. After I (they) got done taking giving me a bath, I ran around the house trying to get the house scent back in my fur.

Bed in the Mail

Mini:One day Jess went to our Petco store and saw these beds, they were really soft and she wanted to get one of them for me but they were $25. Last week on they had 40% off dog beds and free shipping, which put this bed down to $13.52 (including tax). Jess and Amanda just couldn’t pass it up, so they ordered one and we just can’t wait till it arrives!  It should be the perfect size to fit in Barbarella’s and my crate.

It will look something like this. This is a picture Jess created herself just to give y’all a sneak peak of it.