That Time: It Flooded

MiniToday we are starting a new type of post called “That Time”.  Any post title that starts out with “That Time”, means that it is something that happened before we started our blog, or it’s something that happened a while back and we never got around to posting it.


After a couple days of rain, we finally got a nice dry day, so we went on a walk to see if the creeks had filled up.  We were following the horse trail to the creek like we always do, only to find out that our way was flooded!


We looked in all directions for a new way across.


To the left was the only way.


Oh yeah, Penny and Duke came with us.  It was originally just going to be Barbarella and me, so we only brought 2 leashes.  I had to give my leash to Penny and Duke, since I am the most trusted off leash.


I love being off leash anyway (being a good girl pays off).  The only reason I had my leash was because we were farther away from the house than usual, and I was practicing walking on a leash with my new harness.



There were other paths that were flooded on the way to the creek, but not as much as the one we usually take.


This is the creek.  It was fuller than we thought it was going to be, it was filled to the top.


I was the first to wade through the creek (in a very shallow part where the path was supposed to be).  Barbarella came along right beside me.




BarbarellaI love Spring and all but there is one thing I don’t like about it, snakes! Out here in the country there are snakes, so we have to be on the look out for them.

This time we saw a rat snake.


Mini was the first to spot it, then I did.



We were wondering what it was at first, then Amanda and Jess told us that it was a snake and that we should stay away from them, but being a dachshund makes that a little hard to do.


After staying there for a little bit, the snake moved and started going up a tree.


But then it fell down, went through the fence and started going up another tree. After that we left it alone.


Mini and I went over to the fence so we could check out the snake’s scent.


So far we have seen three rat snakes and one copperhead. If you don’t know which are poisonous and which are not, I’ll tell you. The copperheads are poisonous but rat snakes are non-poisonous. We probably have more types of snakes out here that we don’t know of yet, but I hope we don’t see any more.

Happy Easter!

Instead of hunting for eggs, I was hunting for the Easter bunny.


It rained today but I still picked up his trail.


I found him twice and lost him twice (unless that was one of his decoys?).