The Hunt

BarbarellaSometimes when it’s a warm day, Mini and I go rabbit hunting. I love to hunt for rabbits but I never catch one. Do you know why? Because they cheat by going through the fence so we just chase them for fun and you never know if you’ll get lucky or not.


We have 1 way to find rabbits… team work. Mini is the tracker and the alarm because she has a (really) good nose and she yells every time she has the rabbit’s scent. I’m the chaser because I am the fastest.


Duke came along with us to help find the rabbits.


So we were off and Mini was picking up a trail in no time.


When Mini and I ran out of the woods and into the open, Amanda and Jess got some quick pictures of us.



On the edge of the woods, there was this brush pile so we went to investigate and then a rabbit came running out the other side and went in the woods, so we started running after it.



But we lost it (I bet it turned around and went through the fence). So we came back to Amanda and Jess and then we went back to the house.



On our way back Jess, took this picture.



MiniI though it was supposed to be spring! Right when I thought it was going to be warm from now on, today I actually had to wear my coat!


While I was getting all bundled up, my puppy decided she wanted to play.


I’m pretty sure the game was called, pin mommy to the ground.



It wasn’t as cold outside as I expected, so I took the neck/hood part off of my coat.


Just because it’s cold today doesn’t mean I am going to skip agility. Our agility course may look weird to y’all, but that’s because it’s all made out of wood, a tire, duck tape and bit of baling twine.



These are our weave poles. We are currently working on upgrading them.


After we are done with agility, we always have a high five (in my case it’s a high ten).


When we got back in I had some (yummy) beef heart as part of my breakfast.



Is your doggie spoiled?

MiniWe are definitely spoiled.  I rank #1 and Barbarella ranks #2.  Well…. maybe we are equally spoiled.  Here are five ways to tell if your doggie is spoiled.


1. If your dogs food bowl looks like mine.  Sadly I don’t get this everyday. :(


Carrots, kale, snow peas and apples in my kibble.


2. If they get coats to wear; so they don’t get cold in winter or soaked when it’s raining. Barbarella and I have coats that we wear when it rains or gets cold.


My homemade winter coat.


3. If they get what they want every time they look at you like this.


4. If they get a bite of your supper frequently.  This beef stew was delicious!


5. If they get hugs and kisses everyday.  This is a must for me.


Some doggies don’t like hugs, but I sure do.


So what do you think, is your dog spoiled?

Garden Doggies

BarbarellaA few days ago Mini, Penny, Duke, Candy and I went to hang out in the garden while Amanda, Jess and their Mom were replanting the garden for spring. We roamed free in the garden while they were working.

While I was there, I found a BIG hole in the ground. It was pretty steep and interesting but I couldn’t seem to get at a good position to get down there and dig.

Barbarella around a hole

Barbarella around a hole2

So I just dug my own hole somewhere else.

Barbarella digging her hole

Later, when I came back, I found the hole bigger and it was big enough for me to get in it.

Barbarella around a hole3

Barbarella in hole2

Mini, Penny and Duke even got in it (Candy was somewhere else playing).

Barbarella digging2

Mini mostly wanted to be a bridge.

Bridge MiniHang on guys, I’ll have the's stairs done in just a second

Penny digging

Before all of that, I found out that I like to eat a new plant that grows in the garden. It’s called asparagus.

Barbarella wanting asparagus

I may have only gotten a little piece of it, but I liked it. I even did a few tricks.

Barbarella speaking for asparagus


Barbarella playing dead for asparagus


Barbarella leaving asparagus

Leave it

I also like to eat kale. It also grows in the garden. Sometimes I even eat it right off the plant.

Barbarella looking at kale

But sometimes Amanda doesn’t let me.

Barbarella in kale plantes

Then later, it started to rain so everyone had to go inside.

Rain clouds

The things I like about the garden are: free food, lots of scents, nice dirt to dig in and grub worms. What does your dog like about the garden?

Officially Spring!

MiniToday is the first day of spring! We are fixing up our agility course, replanting the garden, going outside more often and enjoying the fresh warm air. Here are some of the fun and beautiful things that spring brings.

Remember that our plum trees were blossoming? Now they are starting to grow their new leaves.


We always have tons of these flowers around our property.


This is an Indian paintbrush flower. Once we are well into spring, these will be all along our roads.


These are dewberry flowers. In case y’all don’t know what a dewberry is, it is like a small blackberry that grows wild out where we live.



Lets not forget, now that it’s spring and has been raining so much, the dirt is so soft and is just waiting to be dug up. Well it’s not waiting any longer.



We found tons of grub worms while replanting the garden.


Did y’all notice that in western movies the cowboys call food “grub”? Did anybody notice that these worms are called GRUB worms? Well Barbarella and I did, so we chowed down on them yuuuummy.


Spring also brings earlier mornings. We are going to try and drag ourselves out of bed one morning and get some sun rise pictures for y’all.


What kind of things happen around your place when spring comes?