Spring is almost here!

MiniSpring is right around the corner.  Spring means more rabbits to chase, more time outside and more time on our agility course.  It will officially be Spring on the 20th of March, that’s just 8 days away!  Check out the awesome signs of Spring below.


Our plum trees are blossoming.




The flowers are blooming.


The bees are coming.



The rain clouds have been visiting us lately, and thanks to our rain coats we are not getting soaked like we used to.


It is also getting warm enough to go outside without a coat on.  I just can’t wait to get back on our regular routine and walk three times a day.


I hope everyone enjoyed the pretty spring pictures!

Barbarella’s Mama Break

BarbarellaHi everyone, Today I got to take my Mama dog break.  The first thing I did was go outside.  We went around the pasture which was fun.  I also got to smell some new scents.  I had to be on leash because I love to chase stuff and Amanda doesn’t want me running off.


We went though the woods and I’m pretty sure that I could smell a rabbit’s scent.

Barbarella in woods


And when I hear something or see a rabbit this is my face (I also start running if I see one).


But there weren’t any rabbit so we just walked around some more.


Then we went inside and did some tricks.  We did speak, lay down, wash your face, bang, speak again and  leave it.


Barbarella leaving a treat

After we were done with tricks I went back in with my puppies.

Barbarella and her puppies


New Pages

Have you been to our about page lately? If you haven’t, go check it out. We changed a few things up, now Mini and Barbarella have their own about pages. They have their info that was already on the about page plus a little more, a list of the tricks they know and a list of their favorite things.

We wouldn’t want this post to be too boring, so here’s a picture Mini helped us make.

We ran out of Treats

Being a mama dog part 2

MiniI know I said I was going to lay off posting for a while, but since Barbarella had pups it looks like I might be posting more often then her. Besides, my pups have grown up so much that I’m not as busy any more. Now on with the post for today.

A while back I posted “Being a mama dog part 1” and now it’s time for part 2. Here are six things about my life after giving birth to wonderful pups.

1. First of all I can move around a lot easier, since I’m not having to lug around a cannon ball like belly.


2. I cuddle my pups to make sure they stay warm. The heater also helps so that’s not hard to do.


3. I feed my pups a lot. They have been eating so much that they have gotten quite chunky.


4. I take breaks now and then, see my previous post “Mama dog break“.


5. Once my pups get old enough I will teach them there are more things to eat than just milk.



6. After my pups have gone to their happy homes, I will get to go on car trips and have more adventures once again; like the time I got to see my first train. FYI trains are very loud!


Being a mama dog is fun but also includes a lot of work and time. All the work and time is worth it though, because I love raising my puppies so they can bring happiness to more people in the world.

P.S. I wasn’t scared of the train at all and didn’t flinch once!