Being a mama dog part 2

MiniI know I said I was going to lay off posting for a while, but since Barbarella had pups it looks like I might be posting more often then her. Besides, my pups have grown up so much that I’m not as busy any more. Now on with the post for today.

A while back I posted “Being a mama dog part 1” and now it’s time for part 2. Here are six things about my life after giving birth to wonderful pups.

1. First of all I can move around a lot easier, since I’m not having to lug around a cannon ball like belly.


2. I cuddle my pups to make sure they stay warm. The heater also helps so that’s not hard to do.


3. I feed my pups a lot. They have been eating so much that they have gotten quite chunky.


4. I take breaks now and then, see my previous post “Mama dog break“.


5. Once my pups get old enough I will teach them there are more things to eat than just milk.



6. After my pups have gone to their happy homes, I will get to go on car trips and have more adventures once again; like the time I got to see my first train. FYI trains are very loud!


Being a mama dog is fun but also includes a lot of work and time. All the work and time is worth it though, because I love raising my puppies so they can bring happiness to more people in the world.

P.S. I wasn’t scared of the train at all and didn’t flinch once!

I’m a Mama Dog Too!

BarbarellaHi everyone, I know I haven’t been posting, but something happened last weekend… I had my PUPPIES! Which means I’m a mama dog too.  It looks like I’m not going to be posting as much any more.  I now have a bigger responsibility.  Since I now have puppies, I get lots of puppy cuddling 24/7.



And now if y’all will excuse me I have to attend to my puppies.


Mama Dog Break

MiniOK to start off I just want to say that I love my puppies, but sometimes I get a little board staying with them all day. When pups are first born you have to stay with them almost 24/7, and by the time they get old enough to where you can leave them for 30 minutes or so, you sure are ready for that break.

I finally get to take those breaks now! I spent my first one practicing some of my old tricks like: pick it up, keep it, drop it, high five, bang and leave it.



I also went for a walk. My walks aren’t your normal walks, a normal walk usually has a leash attached. On my kind of walk there is usually not a leash. I get to run, trot or walk at what ever speed I want as long as I don’t get too far away.




Walks without a leash are the best ones, because you can take detours and pickup a rabbit scent.

A lot of the times when I pickup a scent I find what it belongs to, but thanks to my SHORT SHORT legs I have never caught a rabbit.


When we got back in I found out it was bath time. I don’t mind taking a bath, because afterwards I get my ears cleaned which feels soooo good, and I get more hugs and kisses.


In case you’re wondering, I didn’t find a rabbit on this walk.

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DIY Lounge collar

BarbarellaThis is our first do it yourself project we have ever done on our blog so we hope the instructions are easy to understand.  In order to make a lounge collar you need the items listed below.

  1. Bungee cord (any color)
  2. kite string
  3. scissors
  4. key ring
  5. Measuring tape


First you need to loosely measure around your dog’s neck and add about 2 inches.


Cut the bungee cord and put the key ring on the bungee cord (as shown in picture below). We used about 3 feet of kite string for Penny’s 12” lounge collar. You will probably need more string for a bigger collar.


You need to wrap about 1” of the bungee cord thru the ring then tie the kite string around the bungee cord close to the ring (as shown below) but leave enough room for the ring to slide. I wrapped the bungee cord to where it was doubled for 1”


Then wrap the kite string tightly around the bungee cord multiple times and tie it at the end as many times as needed.


And just repeat on the other side.


Now your dog has their own lounge collar. No more itchy necks because you have a tight collar on 24/7.


We wear these all the time and only put our collars on if we go outside. These lounge collars may not last as long as the fancy ones off the internet, but these don’t cost $50 either.