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Have you been to our about page lately? If you haven’t, go check it out. We changed a few things up, now Mini and Barbarella have their own about pages. They have their info that was already on the about page plus a little more, a list of the tricks they know and a list of their favorite things.

We wouldn’t want this post to be too boring, so here’s a picture Mini helped us make.

We ran out of Treats

Being a mama dog part 2

MiniI know I said I was going to lay off posting for a while, but since Barbarella had pups it looks like I might be posting more often then her. Besides, my pups have grown up so much that I’m not as busy any more. Now on with the post for today.

A while back I posted “Being a mama dog part 1” and now it’s time for part 2. Here are six things about my life after giving birth to wonderful pups.

1. First of all I can move around a lot easier, since I’m not having to lug around a cannon ball like belly.


2. I cuddle my pups to make sure they stay warm. The heater also helps so that’s not hard to do.


3. I feed my pups a lot. They have been eating so much that they have gotten quite chunky.


4. I take breaks now and then, see my previous post “Mama dog break“.


5. Once my pups get old enough I will teach them there are more things to eat than just milk.



6. After my pups have gone to their happy homes, I will get to go on car trips and have more adventures once again; like the time I got to see my first train. FYI trains are very loud!


Being a mama dog is fun but also includes a lot of work and time. All the work and time is worth it though, because I love raising my puppies so they can bring happiness to more people in the world.

P.S. I wasn’t scared of the train at all and didn’t flinch once!

I’m a Mama Dog Too!

BarbarellaHi everyone, I know I haven’t been posting, but something happened last weekend… I had my PUPPIES! Which means I’m a mama dog too.  It looks like I’m not going to be posting as much any more.  I now have a bigger responsibility.  Since I now have puppies, I get lots of puppy cuddling 24/7.



And now if y’all will excuse me I have to attend to my puppies.


Mama Dog Break

MiniOK to start off I just want to say that I love my puppies, but sometimes I get a little board staying with them all day. When pups are first born you have to stay with them almost 24/7, and by the time they get old enough to where you can leave them for 30 minutes or so, you sure are ready for that break.

I finally get to take those breaks now! I spent my first one practicing some of my old tricks like: pick it up, keep it, drop it, high five, bang and leave it.



I also went for a walk. My walks aren’t your normal walks, a normal walk usually has a leash attached. On my kind of walk there is usually not a leash. I get to run, trot or walk at what ever speed I want as long as I don’t get too far away.




Walks without a leash are the best ones, because you can take detours and pickup a rabbit scent.

A lot of the times when I pickup a scent I find what it belongs to, but thanks to my SHORT SHORT legs I have never caught a rabbit.


When we got back in I found out it was bath time. I don’t mind taking a bath, because afterwards I get my ears cleaned which feels soooo good, and I get more hugs and kisses.


In case you’re wondering, I didn’t find a rabbit on this walk.

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