Doggy Rain Coats

BarbarellaNot too long ago some doggy rain coats came in the mail for Mini and me. We couldn’t wait to try them on.


You can have the collar up or down for extra protection. They also have chest and belly protection so we don’t get all muddy.


They are also insulated and fit us pretty good.


Mine even matches the other coat that I got last weekend.


This weekend its going to rain which will give us a chance to test them out. Our rain coats were both off of eBay. This is to all the doxies; be warm, keep dry and snuggle underneath a blanket.

Goodie Bag!

MiniOver the weekend our owners went shopping. I just love it when they come back with a goodie bag!




We got:

  1. Natural Balance roll-a-rounds
  2. Evri FuRemover rubber brush
  3. 4health canned dog food
  4. 4health dental treats
  5. Two small bowls
  6. Rubber loofa and fuzzy ball toys

First we got the toys but their squeakers only lasted about 5 minutes. We loved the 4health dental teats.

102_5032 102_5033 102_5034 102_5035

The Natural Balance treats were great too!

102_5038 102_5044

The new bowls we got are for wet food so that’s just what we used them for. That 4health beef & veggie stew was delicious.


We hope all the doggies out there get a goodie bag when their owners go shopping.



Hello World!

Welcome to the Minidatsun blog!

We have four miniature dachshunds: Mini, Penny, Duke and Barbarella who will be posting here. Mini and Barbarella do more things than Penny and Duke so you will probably hear from them the most. They will be telling y’all about fun things they get to do, places they go and other doggie things. To tell who posted just look under the title (right now it is Hello World!) and it says who wrote the post (Minidatsun). Please bear with them as they learn the ropes.