A Dewy Morning

Mornings on the ranch are so beautiful. Sometimes it will be foggy, sometimes not but either way, it is always beautiful.


A dachshund outside in dew drops

This particular morning there was no fog but there was morning dew still on the grass.

Proud miniature dachshund outside in dew drops on a early morning.

A dew drop is beautiful, many can be breathtaking. A field covered in them can look like snow. Sometimes a camera does not capture the true look as if you were there yourself, but it can allow you to see what you can not.

Morning dew drops on grass that looks like snow.

Dachshund outside in dewy grass

For instance, an eye can only see so small, but a camera can enlarge what a eye can not.

Close up of dew drops on grass.

(Click to enlarge)


A camera can bring you into a world of wonder and I hope that is what I just did.


Raw Feeding: Two-Three Months Results

(Sorry for getting this post up so late. This was written around the middle of August and is information from then )

When I first started eating raw, Jess said I was going to try it for at least two months. Well, it has now been over two months and I am still getting to enjoy raw meals every morning! We really do like having me on a raw diet and the benefits of it. So lets review the changes it has made for me in the first two-three months.

Body condition

It fluctuates depending on what I have been eating over the past few days, but as long as I get my walks in, I have a pretty good figure! I now appear smoother and more toned then I have ever been and have less “flab”. I am actually starting to build up some good thigh muscles with the jumping exercises I have been doing! Jumping really does me good and helps with my “tuck”.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had grown a longer coat this spring and had been shedding a lot lately. I have since grown out that longer coat and am back with my normal shorter coat. I am also back to shedding less (which Jess just loves). I have good oils in my coat and am very shiny! All those oils also help me repel water pretty well. One day I was floating on a board in the swimming pool (trying to stay dry) and my butt accidentally dipped in the water but came out almost completely dry! I have always had a pretty good coat even on a kibble diet but never have I been as shiny as I am now; that’s the biggest change.



Unfortunately, my weepy eye still hasn’t gone away. My ears have been good and not smelly (I have never had much trouble with them). My teeth are pretty good. The only time I have gotten my teeth cleaned was back in January of this year because I had an infected tooth. While my teeth still get dirty and need to be brushed from time to time on a raw diet, they don’t get as much build up near as fast as they did on kibble. Eating raw has made my front teeth pretty pearly!

At meal time

I still love it! But meals that include bones are stressful for Jess. She always worries about me choking on them, especially since I tried swallowing one that was too big a while back and giving everyone a bit of a scare. I turned out just fine though. Jess now holds my meals with bone for me (while I eat them) that she thinks I could choke on. But any way, back to me. I love getting my food. Check out the video of me below.

Loving this raw diet!

PS. Also, sorry for the delay on the Tractor Supply PAW post. We are having some keyboard trouble. We will get it up as soon as we can!