The Puddle With Leaves

Okay, so I was out doing a photo-shoot with Jess when she told me to look to the left so she could take a pic of that side of my head. I looked to the left so she could take the picture but when I did, I saw this puddle

Dachshund quirks, funny,

There was something strange about this puddle so I stared at it. Jess noticed and asked me “what is it?” and told me to “go get it”. I walked over to it and sniffed the puddle cautiously and then started barking at it.

Jess was puzzled at why I was barking at a puddle but being a dachshund, you are entitled to doing some goofy things. Jess took the opportunity to get some cute/funny pics of me while trying to find out what I was barking at.

She got her pictures and I had fun goofing off. I would bark at the puddle and then go up to it and snatch the leaves out of it!

Jess still doesn’t know why I was doing that but she thinks it was because of the wind that was blowing the leaves around in it. Us dachshunds are entitled to our secrets so I am not going to tell why ;)

Howdy, 2018!

Well, 2017 was a great year and we accomplished quite a few things in it but now it is time to say goodbye to it and welcome 2018! We believe 2018 will be even better and can’t wait to dig into it! We slacked off a bit on our training in 2017 and only spruced up on it when there was an event we planned on going to, so we plan to make up for it in this year! Here’s to an awesome start of 2018!!! YAY!



11-28-2017 7 week old puppies

I’m back again for the last time today for my last post on my puppies. Before we took the weekly pictures for this week, a couple of my puppies went to their forever homes, my Long haired black and tan girl #2 and Marley.

Top: my Solid black girl puppy #1 and Koby. Bottom: Sadie.

I thought I’d add a couple more pictures of each of them since this is the last post about them. Here is my Solid black girl puppy #1.

Here is Koby.

And here is Sadie.

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures today and hope y’all have a happy New Year!

11-21-2017 6 week old puppies

And we’re back today with week 6 of my weekly photo shoot with my puppies! (in case you missed week 5, click here to go back to it).

I thought I’d share a little update on how my puppies were doing then. They were doing great and learning where the potty area was really good but every now and then they would miss it completely! My Long haired girl was the first to potty in the right place and hardly ever missed. They got more playful and found out Amanda’s feet were a good chew toy. They even tried playing with her hair and everything else that was low enough for them to reach.

We did something a little different for this photo shoot and just took pictures of them in their pin, but believe me they’re still cute pictures.

Alright, now instead of having them in order I have to eyeball it to tell who’s who, but I’m pretty sure I know who’s who.

Starting from left to right: Sadie, my Solid black girl puppy #1, my Long haired black ‘n tan girl #2, Marley, and Koby.

Koby and Sadie.

My solid black girl puppy #1 (She’s such a good poser).


Again starting from left to right: my Long haired black ‘n tan girl puppy #2, Koby, Marley, my Solid black girl puppy #1, and in the back behind everyone is Sadie.

And I couldn’t help but include another picture of my Solid black girl puppy #1 (she is the cutest poser).

Well, that was lots of fun trying to tell all of them apart from each other. It’s easier when they’re in action though ;). There is still week 7 coming up and then that will be the last of the puppy posts. So stay tuned for a third dose of cuteness!