Zachy’s Gotcha Day

Hey, everyone! It’s Zachy and I’m back with another post! As of June 25th it has been one year since I flew here from Ohio and I just can’t believe it has already been that long! I have had a lot of fun with Mini and Barbarella and chasing rabbits together. So below, I am going to list all the things I have learned and gotten to do for the first time over the last year.

In no particular order:

  • I learned my name.
  • I learned “down”.
  • I learned how to “sit”.
  • I learned how to “leave it”.
  • I learned not to chase the chickens.
  • I learned that a *click* from the clicker means I get a treat.
  • I have found that chasing rabbits is REALLY fun!
  • I went to Tractor Supply.
  • I got to go to Petco a couple of times.
  • I got to go on some horse rides. I don’t like this as much as Mini and Barbarella do though.

Okay, now the list is getting a bit too long so I am just going to stop there.

I got a present and it was yummy.

It smelled good so I helped open it.

This treat/toy was supposed to last a while (hence the word “everlasting” on the package) but being a dachshund, I overruled the rules and took the treat out of the toy (not supposed to do that) and finished it pretty fast ;) Yummy!

Getting Close

My birthday is just a week and a day away! Jess is working on a birthday present for me and it sure looks pretty. She says it is going to be some kind of mat for me to do some training with. I’m not sure what she has in mind, but I like it so far!

PS. Tomorrow, we are going to change our blog header for summer. It might not look so great on a phone, but if you are on a laptop or something with a wide screen, you will be able to see it correctly.