A dachshund and a puddle

You see, after the big hurricane there were all these puddles everywhere. I walked all though them, some with Barbarella and some by myself. I like puddles more than her :)


See how clean she looks compared to me? P.S. See me in the top left?


Then, I came to this one. This one was different. This one had something in it.

Jess wanted me to pose with the puddle so I decided I would give her some cute, goofy photos to take of me. In this puddle, there were these bubbles; I think that is what Jess called them.

Anyway, they were a bit suspicious looking so I had to check them out. I leaned over the puddle and gave them a sniff.

I couldn’t decide what they smelled like, so I thought I might taste one of them.

And after I tried “tasting” them, they disappeared! I then started pawing where they were to see if they went under the water.

I didn’t find them again so, I guess I got them!

And so, Jess got all the pictures she wanted and I saved the puddle (and everyone else) from the bubble things! So all was good once again!

True story. No bubbles were harmed (at least I don’t think) in the making of this story ;)

Recap of Barbarella’s 5th Birthday

As all our parties start out, we all walk outside early in the morning (it’s really pretty and just seems special), go to where the party is gonna be and they put the cake and the present down and that’s when I had to do “leave it” so Amanda and Jess could take some pictures.

But the cake looked and smelled so good…And it was sitting right in front of me…And the present had these thingies hanging out of the bag that looked fun to play with. But, I had to leave both of them until I heard the “okay” word. Mini was there too and she also had to do “leave it”. Behind the scenes though, we each got a little piece of my cake that was taken off the back. Yum yum!

Then, we had to wait for them to finish singing the happy birthday song, before we got to eat my cake. But, it was over shortly and then Mini and I got to enjoy eating my cake of delicious-ness.

It was a yummy cake made with a can of 4health chicken and rice formula, topped with coconut oil and kelp, and my name and the decorations were the treats I got in my petco treat bag. It all tasted delicious! :9

After it was gobbled up by me and Mini (mostly me), it was time for my presents!

First thing I pulled out was an octopus toy. That explains those thingies hanging out of the bag, they were his tentacles. He is my new favorite toy and Mini has taken a huge liking to him too.

Next thing I pulled out was an alligator dental chew.

Amanda said I had another gift in the bag but some how I missed it! I was a little more interested in wanting more cake.

Altogether I got:

  • 1lb of free treats from petco as a birthday treat from them.
  • An octopus toy.
  • A dental alligator.
  • A bag of Train Me treats in salmon flavor.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be running low on treats anytime soon. ;)

I had an awesome party and thank y’all for all your birthday wishes on Instagram and here! :)❤️