11-14-2017 5 week old puppies

Man, I’ve been being lazy getting these posts out haven’t I? But good news! I’ve got them all written down so today I will finally share the last three weeks of pictures I spent with my puppies in three separate posts. So, today y’all will see nothing but cute puppy pictures! Okay, on to the pictures!

Here are my puppies at 5 weeks old! A few days before they turned 5 weeks old, we got moved to a pin so my puppies had more room to explore and so they could learn how to potty train.

And here are the pictures that were taken when we had their single photo shoots. Again, they are in the order they were born.

Solid black girl puppy #1.

Long haired black and tan girl #2.




I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Week 6 is coming up later today, so get ready for a second dose of cuteness!

500 Posts!!

Woohoo! We now have a whole 500 posts published on this blog! What a great way to end 2017. We thank you all for reading them and we hope you are enjoying them! I know we haven’t been very active lately and we are sorry for that, but we hope to get back on the ball and start telling our tales again like we used to.

We hope you had a wonderful year and have an even better next year! Happy New Year’s Eve!!

PS. Barbarella will finally be getting out the updates on her puppies that she missed last month. The posts will appear under this one when she publishes them, so be sure to scroll down and look for them!

🎄Christmas Fun of 2017🎁

We had a ball this Christmas opening our presents! Be sure to watch the video of us opening them below!

This year, Zachary didn’t get to open the presents with us because I (Mini) am in full heat right now and he wouldn’t have had his mind on the presents, if you know what I mean ;) He did get his presents separate though, so no worries! He got a fun toy and a giant bed all for himself plus, we are sharing our treats with him! :D

We hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!