Mini Turned Four!

Mini:Today is my birthday! We woke up at 7:30am and had my party. I got lots of presents that I’ll tell y’all about next week!

Mini's 4th Birthday

We are planning on having hot dogs and ice cream later today.

Crazy Dog Train Me Treats

BarbarellaToday I’m going to show y’all one of my many favorite treats. They’re called “Crazy dog Train-me! Treats”. Amanda got me some train-me treats before and I loved them so she got me some more. The last time she got me the beef flavored ones.

Crazy dog train-me! treats beef

But this time she got me the bacon flavored ones.

Crazy dog train-me! treats bacon

The train-mes are (to me) really good and I’ll always come back for more (even after chasing rabbits).


Since they start with the words, “Train me” I put them to good use by doing tricks.





Shake (with left paw),


Shake (with right paw),






and high five.

Then Mini came along and wanted to do some tricks too.


Instead of making a growling sound like I do, Mini dose a short Woof!




Shake (with left paw),


And shake (with right paw).

I love the crazy dog train-me treats. Amanda says they suit me perfect. She got them from Petco for around $4.00. Does your dog like the crazy dog train-me treats?

Getting Ready to Celebrate!

Mini:In case y’all didn’t know, my birthday is coming up! My birthday is on the 28th of June, that’s just 5 days away! Jess has already planned on how to make my cake and I can’t wait to see it eat it.

For my last birthday back in 2014, I had a salmon patty cake with my name written on it in Beggin strips (Purina dog treats).

Salmon patty dog birthday cake

And banana ice cream (mashed up banana), which I didn’t really care for so we are not going to have that again. I did love the salmon patty cake though.

Banana Dog ice cream

The present I got last year was a pheasant with two squeakers in him, his squeakers lasted less than five minutes.

Mini's Birthday pheasant toy

I also wore my special necklace Jess had made for me.

Mini's Birthday 2014

Back then I wasn’t too good at posing for pictures and waiting to eat the cake. I kept nibbling at the cake throughout the recording of my birthday.  But now I am much better at posing for pictures and maybe I won’t nibble on the cake this time…. just maybe ;)

Mini's Birthday 2014

These pictures were cut out of a recording of my Birthday, so they don’t look too great

My Last Birthday was a lot of fun, I hope this next one will be even better.