New leash

BarbarellaHi everyone, today I’m going to show y’all my new leash.




It’s a well made nylon leash made by Zack & Zoey. I got the raspberry sorbet color with the length 6′ x 5/8″.


I got it off of ebay. My new raspberry sorbet leash looks really beautiful. Especially with my white coat (most colors do).

102_6004 102_5999 102_6006

If you want one for you’re dog, click here to see the listing on ebay.


PS. I hope you find the perfect color for you’re dog too.

Doggie teeth

MiniWe heard that February is pet dental month. We started working on our teeth back in December. Since it is pet dental month we wanted to share how much our teeth improved over about 2 months of eating Greenies, a bag of 4health dental treats, a lot of brushing and a bit of scraping at home.

I think eating the Greenies helped loosen up the plaque while also taking some off.

Mini greenie

We got the 4health dental treats for our breath and they did their job well. After eating them our breath was better.


Here are the before and after pics of my teeth. I know it looks uncomfortable to take these pictures but I actually didn’t mind.

Bteeth4 Bteeth3

ATeeth1 Ateeth2

Here are Barbarella’s before and after pics.

BarBteeth BarBteeth2


Barbarella’s teeth didn’t change much, but all the stuff sure helped mine. Hopefully we can get our teeth to where they have no plaque on them at all.

Valentines Day

MiniWe hope everyone out there has a great day (including all the doggies).


Happy Valentines day from Mini Happy Valentines Day! (2)

Remember dogs can’t have chocolate. So make sure they don’t get their paws on any.

Being a mama dog part 1

MiniHere are six things I love about being a mama doggie:


1. I get to rest more.


2. I get to show off my belly.

Mini Pregnant

3. I get canned food twice a day, plus kibble 24/7. Right now the canned food I am eating is chicken & rice, next I will get a beef & vegetable stew, yummy…


4. I get to be carried up all stairs while pregnant.


5. I get treats without having to do tricks.


6. And last but not least, I get to hog all the toys.


There are a lot more things I love about being a mama dog, but I am saving them for part 2.

New member of the pack

BarbarellaHi everyone, this is Candy. She’s the newest member of the minidatsun pack. She isn’t here to stay on the farm; she’s just going to be here for 6 more weeks and then she’ll go to her new happy home.



Since her brother and sisters have gone to their new happy homes, she didn’t have anyone to play with so we took her to our bedroom to play with us.



Well… She wasn’t really interested in us, she was mostly interested in our stash of bones. Since she loves our bones so much, we have agreed to let her chew on all the bone she wants whenever she comes to our bedroom to play.


Since she’s the newest member of the pack, I’m going to tell y’all a little about her. She loves to: play, chew on bones (as you already know), she likes to be free and she doesn’t like to be immobilized for very long.