Officially Spring!

MiniToday is the first day of spring! We are fixing up our agility course, replanting the garden, going outside more often and enjoying the fresh warm air. Here are some of the fun and beautiful things that spring brings.

Remember that our plum trees were blossoming? Now they are starting to grow their new leaves.


We always have tons of these flowers around our property.


This is an Indian paintbrush flower. Once we are well into spring, these will be all along our roads.


These are dewberry flowers. In case y’all don’t know what a dewberry is, it is like a small blackberry that grows wild out where we live.



Lets not forget, now that it’s spring and has been raining so much, the dirt is so soft and is just waiting to be dug up. Well it’s not waiting any longer.



We found tons of grub worms while replanting the garden.


Did y’all notice that in western movies the cowboys call food “grub”? Did anybody notice that these worms are called GRUB worms? Well Barbarella and I did, so we chowed down on them yuuuummy.


Spring also brings earlier mornings. We are going to try and drag ourselves out of bed one morning and get some sun rise pictures for y’all.


What kind of things happen around your place when spring comes?


My Homemade Harness


This is not a tutorial on how to make a harness I just wanted to share one of the many things Jess (my human) makes for me.

I have a step in harness, a mesh harness and another step in harness, but the type of harness I really wanted (I’m not sure what its called) costs a lot of money. Since we don’t normally buy stuff that is expensive, the expensive stuff I want I don’t usually get. I do get something similar, and guess how? Ever heard of D.I.Y (Do It Yourself), it is a great way to save money and what ever you make you can make it just the way you want it.

This is my new harness, it is green outlined with yellow, it didn’t cost a cent, it fits me perfect and I love it! I bet y’all can’t guess what its made out of.

Mini's homemade harness

Here’s a hint: It used to belong to one of the humans in my house hold.

Mini's homemade harness2

Have you guessed it yet?

Mini's homemade harness3

OK I’ll tell you, a pair of old SHORTS! Can you believe that? The harness part of it was made out of the waist and the leash connector was made out of the bottom of the short’s leg and a small metal ring.

Mini's homemade harness4

Wondering how I get it off? There is a button (don’t worry it’s a strong button) in the middle on my back. I don’t pull (unless I see a rabbit) so I don’t usually use harnesses, but I do like to have one to wear when I go places to keep me safe.

Sorry this was not a tutorial on how to make something. Trying to explain how to sew a harness together that fits your dog perfectly is quite hard, I just couldn’t think of how to explain it. If you make a harness for your dog, please make sure it is secure and that the stitching is strong.

What’s been going on?

Everyone out there that knows about our blog, are probably wondering what’s been going on. Well here’s the scoop, our blog malfunctioned! There were a few errors but we fixed them and now everything is almost back to normal, we just need to add a few more small things back to our blog. We will be posting as often as we can (usually 3-5 times a week) and working on getting everything back to how it used to look.


Sorry that our blog was down for the past five days, we will try to keep it from happening again. If it does crash again we will try to fix it faster.

Spring is almost here!

MiniSpring is right around the corner.  Spring means more rabbits to chase, more time outside and more time on our agility course.  It will officially be Spring on the 20th of March, that’s just 8 days away!  Check out the awesome signs of Spring below.


Our plum trees are blossoming.




The flowers are blooming.


The bees are coming.



The rain clouds have been visiting us lately, and thanks to our rain coats we are not getting soaked like we used to.


It is also getting warm enough to go outside without a coat on.  I just can’t wait to get back on our regular routine and walk three times a day.


I hope everyone enjoyed the pretty spring pictures!

Barbarella’s Mama Break

BarbarellaHi everyone, Today I got to take my Mama dog break.  The first thing I did was go outside.  We went around the pasture which was fun.  I also got to smell some new scents.  I had to be on leash because I love to chase stuff and Amanda doesn’t want me running off.


We went though the woods and I’m pretty sure that I could smell a rabbit’s scent.

Barbarella in woods


And when I hear something or see a rabbit this is my face (I also start running if I see one).


But there weren’t any rabbit so we just walked around some more.


Then we went inside and did some tricks.  We did speak, lay down, wash your face, bang, speak again and  leave it.


Barbarella leaving a treat

After we were done with tricks I went back in with my puppies.

Barbarella and her puppies