My Favorite Treats

My top 3 favorite healthy treats as of now.  All 3 of the following treats are made in the USA, I would never eat anything I know is made in china.


Castor & Pollux Organix chicken cookies. Organic crunchy USDA approved wheat free dog cookies!

Castor & Pollux Organix chicken cookies

Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds. They say crunchy on the bag, but they are more chewy than crunchy.

Grillerz pig ear. One of my favorite things to get from Tractor Supply co.

What are your dog’s favorite treats?


Upgraded Agility Weave Poles

BarbarellaDo y’all remember when Mini said we were currently working on upgrading the weave poles to our homemade agility course? (back in Mini’s post: Spring?). Well…they’re done.



Old weave poles.

Homemade weave poles

New and improved weave poles.

Here’s how we made them. First we went through our woods to find 6 straight sticks (2 foot long each), then we started carving spikes on the ends (to make them go in the ground easier) and then we put duck tape on them (10 in. up from the bottom).


Homemade agility course

Our agility course is looking…wait what!?… how did that chicken get there? (she’s not supposed to be in this picture)!  Oh well, as I was saying, our agility course is looking a lot better.

Homemade agility course 2

I don’t do the weave poles prefect every time (Mini does them pretty good) so Amanda and I have been working on getting better (Like in this video).


I know the jumps and tunnel, those are my favorite. Amanda gets these pictures of me with my crazy ears while I’m jumping, I don’t mean to look like this :)

Dachshund jummping funny

Dachshund jummping funny 2

Dachshund jummping funny 3

Dachshund jummping funny 4

And we always do a high five (or a high ten) to end our training.


Next we’re going to work on the seesaw.


More Treats For Learning

Mini:We were running low on chicken cookies so I made sure I got some more when shopping day came.


Castor & Pollux chicken cookies

Barbarella was off in lala land when we were posing for pictures.

Barbarella was off in la-la land when we were posing for pictures.

There was no way I wasn’t going to get them. I am just too cute to resist.

Cute dachshund Mini


We couldn’t wait to get some treats, so the second the bag was within reach we tipped it over and voila, treats!!

102_0782 Treats!!

Barbarella just stood there and ate as many as she could. I stuffed four in my mouth and carried them off behind the bag so nobody could swipe them.



When nobody was looking I tipped the bag over again to get a couple more (come to think of it, how did Jess get this picture?).


Barbarella was like: “What? The photo shoot is over? I wasn’t done eating all the treats.”


We always have at least one bag of treats on hand. Jess almost always has some treats in her back pocket for me everywhere we go. Sometimes she forgets to restock her pocket though (shame on her).

This is the kind of treat bag I like.


This is the kind of treats bag I don’t like.


It’s great to always have some treats in your pocket so you can reward your dog for every good thing he/she does. Recently Jess has been working on teaching me to sit every time she says to. I know how to sit, but I don’t always do it right away when I’m told to and that is what Jess is working on. When I’m outside walking or just roaming around, Jess will all of a sudden say “Mini sit”, if I sit fast enough I will get a treat.

102_0814 102_0820