Our Treat Puzzles

Mini:We got a new treat puzzle! One day when Jess and Amanda went shopping they came back with a couple of pig ears, a can of beef stew for us and a new treat puzzle.


.Grillerz pig Ear

4health canned beef & vegatable stew

You’ll never guess where they got the puzzle from…… it was from Ross Dress for Less. I would have never thought Ross would have any pet stuff (being it’s a clothes store); turns out they have a whole aisle of pet stuff.

Wooden dog treat puzzle

Any way, back to the treat puzzle. Jess got this new puzzle because it is completely different from our other ones, plus it was only $4.  Normally puzzles like this are $10-$15.

This puzzle is made out of wood and unlike our other puzzles (which are mostly slider puzzles) we have to pick up the treat covers to get the treats.

Wooden dog treat puzzle

At first, we pawed at the treat covers and tried to nudge them with our noses.  Well, we quickly found out that that wouldn’t work. After a few minutes, I figured out that I had to pick them up in order to get the treats.  Barbarella figured it out as well, I was just a little faster.

Mini dachshunds & wooden dog treat puzzle  Mini dachshunds & wooden dog treat puzzleMini dachshunds & wooden dog treat puzzle

Wooden dog treat puzzle

This is how it’s done.

This is one of our other puzzles. With this puzzle, you have to flip up cups and slide the treat covers to get the treats. I say this one is the easiest out of our three puzzles.

Mini dachshunds & plastic dog treat puzzle

Now this one is the hardest yet the easiest at the same time. What I mean is, that the yellow things you have to slide are very easy to figure out, while the sliders in the middle are by far the hardest. What makes them so hard, is the fact that depending on which one you slide, it will block the others.

Mini dachshunds & plastic dog treat puzzle2

We kept pawing at the sliders. but they just wouldn’t budge.

Mini dachshunds & plastic dog treat puzzle2

Finally I got my side open. OK Barbarella, you can slide yours now and get your treat.

We have three treat puzzles in all.

Dachshund Mini and her 3 treat uzzles

Does your doggie have any treat puzzles? I can tell you they are lots of fun, especially if your doggie loves getting treats.

Driveway work

BarbarellaYesterday Amanda and her family helped fill in our driveway with gravel.




Our driveway used to have deep ruts about one to one and a half feet deep thanks to all the rain we have been getting.  Well Amanda didn’t measure, but some of the ruts sure did look that deep so Amanda’s family got some gravel to fill it in.


There were other deeper ruts than these

Before they got started, I was just minding my own business walking over the ruts, then all of a sudden, I fell into mud and got my paws muddy! It was fun, except for the fact that I had to get sprayed off with a water hose (after they got done with filling in the ruts)! Well, it was fun while it lasted.


The mud made my paws camouflaged.

While Amanda, Jess and their family were filling in the ruts, I got to go off leash and run around with Mini. We didn’t find any rabbits though because Amanda saw me running off and she called me back!



When everyone was resting and pretty much done with half the road, Mini and I tested it out. It was pretty sturdy for us dachshunds, but for humans and cars? Not so much. They will finish the rest another day and when that day comes I will be looking forward to going off leash again ;)


Ahhh, Dry at last.

Mini:We have gotten a lot of use out of our raincoats lately, for the past few weeks we have had rain almost non stop. There were a few days when it didn’t rain, and on those days we had fun outside; like when we became Soggy Doggies.

Well, it’s finally dry with nice clear skies! Here is our forecast  for this week.


weather sun

This was our forecast for the past few weeks. The predicted weather was quite accurate.

weather rain

Now don’t get me wrong, we love getting rain because it helps the grass grow for our horses, it also gives us some time off from watering the garden.


Our winter grass all dried up.


But thanks to the rain, we have fresh grass for the summer.

But it is nice when it doesn’t rain because we get to go outside more often, and being outside more often means more time to track and chase rabbits.

Mini tracking

So glad it’s not raining anymore, now we can go for walks without it starting to rain on us. Jess is happy now that it’s not raining that I won’t be coming out of burrows all covered in wet mud and traipsing though rain puddles.


No leash for me.

My Piebald Doxie

New Kind of leash & Harness

Barbarella Amanda and Jess went shopping last week and when they came back, I had a new leash! And, it’s retractable too.



The reason Amanda, never bought a retractable leash for me before is because she was hearing that they weren’t very safe so she was kind of worried to get one. But when she bought one, she found out that it was the leash she has been wanting for me all along. My favorite part about it is that it’s 16 feet so I can go farther ahead to sniff more stuff.



Amanda’s favorite part about it is that she can stop the leash and lock it at a certain length when she wants me to walk close to her.




Or if I was going/sniffing one way and she was going the other way, she can tap the break button to send me a message down the leash and call me to come to her.




And now, to complete my every day gear, I have a Gooby X harness. Amanda ordered me one the same day she got my new leash. She has had her eye on one of these for a while and has decided to get me one. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m loving it.

Barbarella in Gooby harness

The Gooby X harness is supposed to be a no choke harness because of it’s V neck and where it connects. That’s the reason Amanda got me one because I tend to pull on the leash a little… okay a lot.

Gooby harness V neck

Gooby harness connecter

I’ve got to say that it works! I’m loving not being choked every time I pull on the leash.

Gooby harness no choke

I hope everyone else out there that has a Gooby X harness is loving theirs because I sure am!

Barbarella loves her Gooby harness

P.S. I was not paid to write about the leash or the Gooby X harness. I just like to share my new stuff with y’all.